Meet Mira 

Hi! I’m Mira a two twenty-something Midwestern Gal that is health obsessed with a mild food addiction just trying to balance work, hanging out with friends, dating, and staying healthy–while still having fun!


Me, Mira, I am on the left and I decided to start this blog to share my experiences with different eating habits I have tried (and I don’t like the word diet!), experimentation with workouts and fitness, recipes of the super healthy and the super delicious/buttery/chocolatey. But also, I’m a Millennial, so the blog wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t share my everyday struggles about if a necklace matches an outfit, how living with your parents in your twenties is super not cool, and our many tinder fails (and some triumphs!).

I currently live in Minneapolis, MN with my dog Ryder (which you will probably get sick of hearing how adorable she is). I’m an aspiring baker with a main interest in politics. When I am not working, working out, cooking or baking, or cuddling with my dog, you can probably find me shopping, rollerblading around the lakes (yes rollerblading is still cool), or finding any reason to dance around to Hootie and the Blowfish and drink some wine.

I hope you enjoy reading about everything from recipes I love, workouts that will kick your butt, or even the times when I can’t find running pants that match my headbands #struggles. Sometimes life can be hard as a twenty-something! But I am just trying to get by (not just on coffee and ramen) and sustain a healthy lifestyle–come share in the fun! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Meet Mira 

    • weightsnwine says:

      @Debby! Unfortunately I haven’t created any PDFs or links yet for the workouts. So I would just recommend copying and pasting it into a word doc for now 🙂 hopefully that is something I will work on! Enjoy the sweat sesh


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