Heating things up: in the kitchen and the gym

There is nothing better than making whole wheat buttermilk chocolate chip pancakes in your sweats dancing around on a Saturday morning, so after teaching bootcamp and taking tabata I would say my Saturday is off to a great start.


I have been on a cooking / baking kick again which is always good!! 1. For me, so I have good, healthy meals and don’t over snack. 2. For my coworkers, because who doesn’t love getting cheesecake brownies on a Wednesday? So I have a lot to talk about today, I have been putting off writing this for about a week now – so shame on me. But it was just stressing me out, so I was doing things that I needed to get done and felt good about, like cleaning out my closet, working out, relaxing, seeing friends, taking me time, and clearly a lot of cooking as well. My next post will be all about self-care and self-wellness though, so enough on that for now. To the good stuff, food pics.

So I ordered Blue Apron a few weeks ago and I have been super impressed. I love that you get a variety of foods and the recipes are really easy to follow! You can set it to deliver as often as once a week; so I accidentally forgot to change my settings so I got another box yesterday, but those recipes look just as amazing (if not better). It is nice to get just the right amount of ingredients you need, so you don’t have to buy a ton of ingredients and then never know what to use coconut milk powder for ever again. The recipes aren’t necessarily health based, but they include a variety of food groups and there are easy ways to modify them as well. They also give you the recipe to keep with nutrition facts. So I made enchiladas and honestly the amount of cheese they used was not too much (I wish there was more) and you could’ve used a whole wheat tortilla, but otherwise it had veggies and lean protein and is DELICIOUS and easy. Enough talking, here are the pics.

These were the delicious enchiladas, which tomatillos, jalapenos, cheese, onion, chicken – yummmmmm.


This recipe I was a little bit skeptical of at first. African spice peanut chicken with kale and rice. The kale didn’t turn out very well, it was super gritty. So if anyone knows why it tasted like I was eating lettuce filled with sand, lemme know. Otherwise the sauce for the chicken was amazing with fresh garlic, ginger, scallions, peanut butter, coconut milk, and you could add as much spice or not as you’d like. This one was definitely very delicious.

Beef tacos with radish salsa and sweet potatoes that were cooked with lime juice, sugar, jalapenos, and cheese; while it sounds like a very odd combination, these were delicious. I just packed up the meat and mixed all the salsa, creme fraiche, and cheese together in a pyrex and took it to work as leftover and at it with chips. WHAT A GOOD LUNCH.

So I still have a few more meals to make, one is shrimp spaghetti and a burgers with spicy mayo and sweet potato fries, so I am very excited to eat those meals this week. One meal was cod, and I don’t really do cod so I gave that one to my mother to have all to herself – what a little gem of a daughter I am. But I am sure you would rather see the good stuff that wasn’t from Blue Apron. Last plug about Blue Apron, it is really easy to find a promo code so you can get a free meal or free box of half off your first box so just look around on the internet! A ton of bloggers, podcasts, celebs promote it  – so I know the Two Dope Queens podcast promotes it a lot, probably every promo “celeb” from Bachelor Nation, and I got my promo code from Simply Taralynn – she’s just the cutest.

I made lemon raspberry cheesecake bars for a coworkers birthday and wow were they delicious. I am not a big fan of cheesecake, but for some reason whenever I make the cheesecake, I LOVE it. Biases about the cook? Maybe 😉 I took the recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction but I like raspberry better than blueberry so I just found some fresh raspberries and subbed them in.


Also how cute is this pan?!? I got a ton of Kate Spade bakeware for my birthday from my sister and best friend and aren’t they to die for? Each of them say something really cute on them, like the circle cake pan says “it’s someones’ birthday somewhere” and the muffin pan says “one for you, two for me.” Ugh really they have out done themselves again Kate Spade. Now I need the whole set, so if you don’t hear from me for awhile it is because I will be working tirelessly at the bar so I won’t feel bad about spending so much money on extra bake/cookware.

The top is before baking, the bottom is after baking, and the left is when they were sliced up (and of course I licked the extras off the knife). But these were amazing, super quick, super easy. Yesssssss, I know the cook time says almost 5 hours, but thats because you need to let them chill – so just pop them in the fridge over night and you are rocking the next day. Also what I found is using the whisk attachment for your kitchenaid mixer will make the filling even more fluffy and creamy, and who doesn’t want that?

Another Kate Spade pan and it says “short and sweet” – ughhhh adorable. So I realized I had a ton of extra cream cheese and bananas in my house so I figured, let’s figure out what to bake with both of those ingredients and I came up with cream cheese filled banana bread. It was great for a grab and go breakfast this week or just an afternoon snack. While it was dense, it was delicious and filling for just a slice. Maybe not the HEALTHIEST breakfast, but hey you’ve got grains, fruit, and dairy!!

But what I really was here for today was to share some good workouts. I have a tabata, some core, and good strength circuit to share. I tested the strength circuit on some friends after work the other day and I would say with their constant moaning and muttering I hate you, it was a successful workout 😉


Don’t they look so happy? Almost as happy as the lady who asked us if we knew we were in the way of where the mats go…. Yes ma’am, it is 5:30pm on Wednesday after work and all the new years resolutioners are here along with the regular gym peeps, I am fully aware that this place is busy and cramped, I can put your mat away for you if it is that big of a concern – oh and please, leave those 2lb weights, I’ll take care of it for you….. UGH HONESTLY PEOPLE – you gotta take what you can get space wise these days at the gym. It is the worst.  Anyways, no more bitching about old ladies and back to working our butts off.

Strength + Cardio Circuit

For each strength exercise do 12 reps, then do the next strength exercise for 12 reps. Repeat 3x. Then move to cardio blast before moving to next strength circuit. Complete the cardio blast for 30 seconds on, 15 seconds off 2x (3x if you’re feeling ambitious)

  • sumo squat to high row
  • kettlebell burpee to overhead thruster

power jacks (aka jumping jacks with a weight pressing over head)

  • lateral lunge to curl
  • kettlebell swings

touch down jump squats

  • deadlift to row
  • tricep kickback


  • 4 mountain climbers + laydown pushup
  • single leg glute hip bridge (with weights on hips)

squat jump forward + 3 hops back

  • arnold press
  • superman with lat pull

alternating lunge jump

  • l-raises
  • dolphin pushups


  • pullovers
  • donkey kicks (with weights on your legs or banded)


AND YOU’RE DONE…… jk there is still a core circuit for you to do


1 minute of each exercise – so constantly moving for 10 minutes (keep that core engaged and I promise you it’ll burn in a good way)

  • plank hold
  • leg drops
  • plank hip dips
  • double crunch
  • russian twists
  • pike to plank
  • flutter kicks
  • bike
  • v-ups
  • plank hold

And if you want something different, I have one last workout for you today. I taught this tabata class this morning paired with the core blast from above and my class was loving it (well hating it and loving me for kicking them into gear at 730am on a Saturday) *side note: WHYYYYYY, why do I teach at 730am on Saturday? I am 25 shouldn’t I be hungover, or brunching, or both, or still awake from the night before? UGHHHH, I guess this is what adulting is like! end side note*

Tabata Full Body Blast

20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, 8x  – all you need is a step/bench and maybe a mat!

  • alternating every other: straddle jump squats onto the bench and straddle toe taps
  • alternating, first four sets: decline pushups on bench. second four sets: uneven walking pushups on bench
  • alternating every other: jump squats onto step and burpees (any variation)
  • mountain climbers – alternating quick and slow cross body knee to elbow
  • alternating 2:2:2:2 : curtsy bench tap overs and skaters
    • so 20 seconds on leg curtsy bench tapovers, 20 seconds the other leg curtsy bench tapovers, 2 rounds of skaters, and repeat
  • alternating 2:2:2:2 : single leg up on step squat and lateral squat jumps over the step
    • same as the round before – so single leg squat on right, single leg squat on left, two rounds of lateral jump squats over step, and repeat
  • alternating, first four sets: bunny hops over step. second four sets, single leg glute hip bridge
  • alternating, first four sets: tricep dips. second four sets: tricep pushups
  • alternating 2:2:2:2: bulgarian split squats and jumping bulgarian split squats
    • so right leg bulgarian split squat, left leg bulgarian split squat, right leg jumping bulgarian split squat, and left leg jumping bulgarian split squat, and repeat

Wow, I felt like  said the work bulgarian a few too many times for a Saturday morning. Anyways, hopefully you feel slightly motivated to either kick your butt into gear in the gym or the kitchen!!! But I should probably go kick this little pups butt into gear because she has definitely gained her winter weight 😉 so toodles!



xx Mira


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