Monday Mornings, more like Mondazeeee

It is monday morning, so do you know what that means?!? Well, every monday starts off with my alarm going off at 5:30am and me instantly regretting being a fitness instructor, then rolling out of bed and leaving my house by 5:43am to get to the gym. I wake up every monday thinking of an excuse to get out of teaching, call in sick, say my car died, slept through my alarm, and crafting an email in my head about why I no longer want to teach my monday 6am bootcamp. It is hard enough to motivate yourself to go to the gym and workout, but to go to the gym and basically watch people workout with a few squats and pushups here and there, ughhh draining. Then I teach. And afterwards I feel great and I remember why I teach fitness classes. But that is all besides the point, today is monday which means THE BACHELOR IS ON!

As promised I will keep this post short and sweet with some banging workouts for you. I have also included a bachelor workout game, similar to a drinking game but instead of taking a sip or a shot or chugging every time something absurd happens doing some sort of workout – to get your heart pumping and body moving.

Bachelor Viewing Workout Game

Every time one of the following happens do 10 squats or 10 laydown pushups

  • A girl cries
  • Nick is shirtless
  • A joke about it being round 4 on the Bachelor for Nick
  • Someone uses the phrase “right reasons”
  • Andi, Kaitlyn, or Jen are mentioned
  • There is a live musician
  • Chris Harrison says “this is the most dramatic….. rose ceremony/episode/proposal” etc…
  • Someone says “I am ready to find love”
  • Someone states they just “hate the drama”
  • A rose is mentioned outside of a ceremony – first impression rose, group date rose, 1:1 etc..
  • “Nick could be my husband” is said
  • “Can I steal you for a minute?” is said

You’re already sweating aren’t you?

Well now, every time one of the following happens do 15 v-ups or 15 mountain climbers (per leg)

  • There is a helicopter, plane, boat on the date
  • The episode ends “to be continued”
  • Corrine’s nanny Raquel is mentioned
  • Nick says “My wife could be in this room”
  • Chris Harrison says “ladies, this is the final rose tonight”
  • There is a “big secret revealed”
  • A girl says “I’m not here to make friends”
  • Girls watch while Nick makes out with another girl and they get made
  • Someone “questions” Nick’s morals/motive

Every time one of the following happens do 20 burpees

  • Nick gets slapped
  • Some one confronts Nick about another girl
  • A girl gets sent home outside of a rose ceremony
  • A girl strips naked
  • An ambulance comes
  • Someone from another Bachelor season makes an appearance
  • A girl admits she isn’t there for Nick (aka promo codes/bachelorette opps)
  • Nick sleeps with a girl

Last but not least if Nick gets rejected at the proposal – literally just go run a fucking mile. Just keep going…..

Now for those of you who want to workout sans shitty tv – here is another killer circuit for you! You’ll need a bench and some various weights. I am on kind of a strength circuit kick right now. So I am trying to get a sweat in and work on building strength and adding hiit cardio in. I did this one and took about an hour – so a full workout right here for you!

Total Body Strength Hiit Circuit

10 reps of each exercise – 4x through

  • burpees
  • sumo squat pulse with weight
    • i did double bench – so two benches – feet on both – that way you have more room to get low
  • laydown pushup to a weight drag
    • have one weight and move it side to side after each pushup
  • double bench jump squat
    • with two benches set up, standing in between and jumping up landing feet wide on the benches, squatting, and then jumping back in between the benches
  • single leg hip bridge with weight (10 per leg)
    • keeping your feet elevated on the bench and weights on your hops
  • bunny hops (10 per side)
  • skull crusher
  • overhead walking lunges (10 per leg)
    • holding weights above your head
  • squat jump forward + 3 hops back
  • deadlift to bent over row
  • curtsy lunges or skaters (10 per leg)
  • chest press to a fly (laying down)
  • burpee thruster with overhead press

when you’re on your last round  – ending with 25 burpees 

And then here is a quick little hiit circuit to get you moving that won’t take you 60 minutes to complete. It will be 60 seconds on of each exercise, then 45 seconds on of each, then 30 seconds, and ending with a quick 15 seconds of each.

60-45-30-15 BLAST

  • box jump burpees
  • deadlift to bent over row
  • squat hold with lateral to front arm raises
  • single leg v-ups


Hopefully that helped you sweat it out and get moving  a little bit. It is clearly a Monday morning because I hit publish instead of preview too early and for those of you who get it to your email, you got it TOO SOON! UGHHHH MONDAZEEEEEEE. So hopefully you clicked the link and can see the updated version with the little blasts in it!! Otherwise, you’re the one missing out 😉

Happy sweating and have an amazing Monday!!!!

xx Mira


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