Things I am Loving Lately

I am just sitting in bed with Ryder on a gloomy Saturday afternoon, drinking my coffee in a new pajama romper my mom gave to me – yes, I changed back into pajamas after a busy morning of teaching bootcamp and running errands – and I realized I have a lot of good things I am loving lately to share!


srsly how cute are these pjs?

1. My Planner!

For many of you who know me well – I am an obsessive list maker. I make to-do lists of literally EVERYTHING. I know it’s compulsive, because I will go to things as little as “watch new episode of real world” or “take trash out”, just so I can get the high of checking something off. Organization is key for me, especially when it comes to my schedule.  I got this adorable planner from my mother for Christmas. It has cute little highlights of what day it is, so I will never forget when national cupcake day is and cute stickers and a folder in the back, to keep all my to-do lists in 🙂 ABSOLUTELY LOVE (and if you struggle with finding a consistent routine for working out – I highly recommend getting a planner and using it on a week to week basis and actually SCHEDULING in workouts)

2. New Girl

I will keep this one short – but seriously, how the eff had I never seen that show until now? All I can say is that I completely binged it – am not caught up and don’t know what to do without my daily dose of Jess and Nick (well my actual favorite is Dr. Sam – but whatevs)

3. Podcasts

As always, Guys We Fucked never ceases to amaze me. Paleomg, aka JB my blogger crush, has a great podcast too! Girl With No Job recently started a podcast and granted I haven’t listened to it all – based on her social media personality, it will be amazing. But honestly, I am really into Ted Talks right now. I can sit and listen while I am at work, driving, or doing stuff around the house and I feel like I am actually filling my brain with useful knowledge. The most recent ones I’ve listened to that I recommend are : “Let’s teach for mastery – not test scores” by Sal Khan, “Want kids to learn well? Feed them well” by Sam Kass, “A better way to talk about love” by Mandy Len Catron, and an all time fan-favorite “My year of saying yes to everything” by Shonda Rhimes…. Srsly… listen, learn, and never stop wanting to learn! (Part of my new year’s goals is too self-educate more – so this is a step in the right direction I suppose)

4. Tea

I know this sounds dumb, but I am on such a tea kick – loose leaf and bagged. As I have talked about before I SUCK at relaxing and meditation and all that finding your inner peace ish. So I have decided that I am going to try to a have a minimum of one cup of a tea day and ENJOY it. Whether it is before I go to bed and I am just sitting in bed, drinking my sleepytime tea – or waking up in the morning and having some chai while watching tv (I wish I could say I watch the news in the morning, but usually it is some form of trash tv aka probably MTV’s Are You The One), or just taking 5-10 minutes to relax at or after work and having tea. Shout out to my very pretty , very high strung friend Gabby who suggested this trick to me!!


5. This article!!!

This is such an inspiring post about how life is all about moderation. Yes, have goals and work towards your goals – but remember there is more to life than just that one goal. Balance still needs to exist. So whether you are focusing on your career, or losing weight, or training for a marathon, or planning your wedding (in that case you are probably not one of my friends because lawlzzz), or whatever it could be – remember to focus on yourself too. Don’t be too hard on yourself, let yourself live a little. From experience I find that when you let go and just go with it, that is when the best memories are made. And as dumb or cliche as it sounds, 20 years from now that cookie you didn’t eat or that party you missed because you were at the gym, those are the memories you will remember – missing out and letting life get away from you. Don’t do that. So maybe you have to wake up early to get a run in quick before a party, but don’t skip the party for a run. Be happy and while you should remain continuously working on your goals, don’t forget you. End of sappy life advice rant.


6. My 3-barrel hair waver

All I am saying is – I am bringing waving my hair back. GAME STRONG

7. Beauty things

My friend who I made my personal beautician (side note: do people still use that word?) gave me the cutest birthday present of skincare products. I am loving the Mario Badescu line and she gave my the facial spray with rose water – it smells AMAZING. And the face masks from patchology she gave me, I am dying to try! Especially the exfoliate one. And then I got my nails done the other day because I just want not feeling the color and ughhh now I am in love! It is the brand Jessica and color Ocean Bloom… love love love.


8. The Bachelor

I am unapologetically I huge fan of everything that has to do with the bachelor. The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, any Bachelor wedding, Bachelor Nation instagram fame whores and their promo codes, Kaitlyn and Shawn B’s snapchats, Betches Love This weekly Bachelor recap. So I won’t go into too much detail, but I am trying to think of a fun Bachelor viewing workout game. So instead of drinking every time someone says “here for the right reason” maybe you do like 10 burpees? It is still in the works ladies but wait for it.


I had been seeing these new nikes all over instagrams, blogs, and (mainly because I kept searching them), but after about a month of not being able to stop thinking about them – I caved. They are the Nike Air Zoom Strong training shoe and granted they look weird AF online, on your feet they look fab. The black strap is to velcro over and keep the shoelaces from flopping around and untying. So far – LOVE and highly recommend.

I had been talking about Fabletics before and how I am kinda iffy on them, but I figured I’d share a pic of the camo shirt because I actually love it. I have big boobs and finding cute workout shirts with built in bras that give enough support and don’t let one pop out mid-burpee is hard, but this one works! It is a little quirky because one side has one strap and the other has two, but whatevs and I LOVE camo….

Finally, I made a stop at Lucy today – which is probably in my top 3 favorite athletic apparel (Nike, Zella, and Lucy) – and my friend Alyssa helped me find the best pants ever. I was working out today and was getting so frustrated with my pants constantly falling down as I was jumping around and running, so I decided to see if I could find a new pair of workout pants to try. I tried on revolution run capri and was sold immediately. They are high waisted and compression fit, so they stay tight around my waist and don’t fall down as I am jumping around (don’t worry I tried in the fitting room). I bought a medium in those and wow the feel (and look) amazing. I ended up finding a great shirt as well. The fitness fix tank is cute and my boobs don’t fall out and it was on sale for like $25 – score! So go me and go Lucy!

And finally – this high neck line sports bra by good hYOUman is so comfortable, so amazing, my boobs never fall out, and honestly can be turned into a crop top for a night out at the bar….




I finally have found some good workout jams so here they are!

Walking with Lions by Codeko ft. Raphaella

Paris by The Chainsmokers

Chase You Down by Runaground 

Light by San Holo

Revolution (Sean & Bobo Remix) by Diplo

United States of Pop 2016 (Into Pieces) by DJ Earworm

Enjoy the jams and workouts will be coming out next! And I am off to the liquor store to get some wine (is it appropriate to go in your pajamas even though it is 4pm on a Saturday? Whatevs, doing it anyways – this romper is cute!)

xx Mira




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