Birthdays and (kettle)Bells

As I sit here, drinking my tea, cuddling the pup, and catching up on trashy reality tv – cue The Bachelor and MTV’s Are You The One? It’s okay, I know you’re judging me and that’s okay because I judge myself. I realized how much I owe you guys an update. I haven’t talked about my mother-daughter cooking class or my big 25 birthday or the party bus I went on or new sneakers that I am lovingggggg and obviously some good workouts (and even workout songs) to share!

Let’s start with this gnocchi making class. Leslie and I decided to go to a cooking class as one of my birthday presents. I got my love of cooking and being in the kitchen from my momma because we literally grew up in the kitchen, baking and cooking and laughing and pranking each other. At this cooking class we learned tips and tricks for making homemade gnocchi – which isn’t the easiest of meals to make. There is definitely a technique and it isn’t just a meal that you can “throw together in a few”. We had 5 different types of gnocchi made in class. Our group was responsible for the pumpkin gnocchi with a mascarpone shallot sauce….. DAYUM THAT SAUCE WAS AMAZING!!!! Then there was a spinach ravioli type gnocchi that was good! The classic potato gnocchi with a ragu sauce was good of course. There was one with a lemon broccolini sauce – yeah definitely not my favorite. And MY FAVORITE was the spin on chocolate gnocchi. It basically was deep fried brownie batter that was crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside with a strawberry dipping sauce….. WOW….. HIGHLY recommend the chocolate gnocchi…. P.S Cooks of Crocus Hill has such amazing classes if you are ever looking! I hae taken a few there and a few at Whole Foods, and my next place I want to try is Kitchen in the Market.


So much gnocchi, so little time


So next came my 25th birthday – omgggggg I AM OLD. I have been talking about how this year is going to be my year and if my birthday celebration was an example of how my year will go, I am more than happy with how 25 will be. What I have been realizing over the past few weeks, is I am still young and I still have time to figure my shit out. I need to be doing things that make me happy and be happy with the decisions I am making. Am I okay that I declined happy hour today and went to the gym instead and stayed in with the dog and watched trashy tv? OH HELL YEAH. Should I live my life like that everyday? No. I definitely have to go out and do things, but I don’t need to stress myself out. I don’t need to continously put pressure on myself to do better and to succeed. In time everything will work itself out. I am the queen of freaking out over nothing and that isn’t something that is going to to change over night; however, I will continue every day to work on that. Will I be perfect at that and all of a sudden not freak over dumb things? No, but working on that is growth. 25 is the year of growth and happiness. I will be me, but strive to be a better version of me. HAAAAAAAY!!!



Pantsuit or Bust

So like I said, if 25 is anything like my birthday I will be happy. I was surrounded by so many people who I love so much and who love me (as always there were many people who couldn’t come because of distance and such but I don’t love or value them any less) but in general – all my friends are amazing. 24 was a hard year! In reality 2016/24 fucking sucked to put it bluntly. And for all my friends, new or old, that supported me, listened to me bitch, let me cry for no reason, drank a little too much wine with me, sat in coffee shops and tirelessly worked on “our futures” together, danced it out with me, saw way too man dog pictures, did not walk away but joined me when I danced on tables at the bar, and honestly just let me be me and still love – I thank you all. Sometimes it takes some shitty things to happen to everyone to realize that none of it matters and in the end it is each other that really matters.  So cheers to 25 and cheers to all my friends who have been there whether it has been 20 years or 5 months – I am sure both seem like they have been too long ;)…..


what a bunch of cuties!

We went to Volstead’s which is a really cute speakeasy style bar in Uptown. We had a private room reserved and the waiter came through the walls and you either enter the room through a bookcase or a phone booth – sooooo cool. So we had dinner and drinks there before heading out to the bars for the night. And when I say drinks, I mean classy mother fucking drinks with like elderflowers and aquavit and absinthe and little orange peel garnishes. Hitting the bars was fun!!! I learned the best new, not really prank, but amusing thing to do at bars. Take a photo of you and your friends and when you go to share it with them, just airdrop it to whoever has airdrop on in the bar – easy conversation starter and honestly really amusing to have someone come up to you and show you a picture you JUST took of you and your friends and ask if it is you. Seriously, really entertaining. The  next morning then consisted of brunch, listening to old mix tapes from 2004-2009, touring the old neighborhood, an outrageous overuse of the term #thisis25, and ending with ice cream. But seriously #thisis25


I was going to fill you in on a few things I am loving right now, but I will wrap it up early, save that for next time, and just leave you with an amazing kettlebell workout – plus Ryder keeps snugging closer and closer (and I know how badly she wants to finish this episode of New Girl). I don’t know how people who have children get any work done. I barely get anything done when I come home because I am too preoccupied staring at my dog…. Wow that made me sound super lame and like I don’t have any hobbies. I swear I do. And I am still trying to troubleshoot what I should do for explanations of the specific exercises so if you don’t know what the slang or shorthand terms mean you can figure it out. I know a lot of the terms are on youtube and google so try there first. If not, feedback – give it up girls.


Kettle Bell Blaster

12 – kettlebell burpee thrusters with overhead press (30lb)

10 – lateral lunges (so 20 total, 10 each leg & 30lbs)

10 – windmills (20lb)

10 – russian twists (20lb)

12 – deadlift to bent over row (15lb per arm)

12 – 4 mountain climbers + laydown pushup

20 – kettlebell swings (30lb)

12 – sumo squat with 2 pulses + bicep curl (30lb)

12 – situp to press (15lb)

10 – walking lunges with single arm overhead kettlebell hold (20lb)

10 – flutterkick with cruch hold (15lb)

10 – plank renegade row (15lb)

12 – touch down jump squats with high pull (20lb)

20 – any cardio exercises (could be jump squats, burpees, x jumps, jacks etc…)

3x through the circuit

Each 10 rep exercise is 10 rep per side

*I did this 3x and it took me around 45 minutes

*I used varying weights for each exercise (anywhere from 15lb to 30lbs – denoted next to exercises)

Happy sweating – whether it is that kettle bell blast circuit or jamming out to this Blue Remix that I know everyone will love (and I promise less sappiness, more juiciness next time)!!!!

xx Mira


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