New Year, New Me? Why 2017 is going to be THE year

I am going to start this post with an impromptu rant. So I saw a sale for Fabletics for a $10 outfit. I have tried them once before and didn’t LOVE the pants because I am super picky on workout clothes material but I really really really wanted camo running pants and they were the only place I could find them so I got them. I have a friend who swears by Fabletics and so I was like why not. $10 for a tank and a pair of pants – quite a deal. The pants I have from them are too big currently so I decided go down a size. I ordered a small and you know what? THEY ARE TOO SMALL. HOW IS A SMALL TOO SMALL AND A MEDIUM TOO BIG!?!? Why is there no inbetween size for people who are clearly inbetween sizes?!? UGHHHHH. I guess my new year’s goal is to fit into those pants better by the end of the year (or just stretch them out).

Which brings me to my next topic – New Year’s Resolutions. And I know that everyone is like “you don’t need the new year to start being a better person” but you know what everyone? This year, I do. I need 2017 to be a big restart button – well actually Monday – January 9th – will be my restart button. Because it is my birthday on Monday and 2017 and being 25 are going to kick ass because 2016 and being 24 fucking sucked. Granted everyone I have talked to who is in there low to mid thirties said 25 was the worst birthday for them AND then there was a whole segment on the radio today about how 25 sucks – I am going to say FUCK IT – I AM GOING TO BE AWESOME.


So whatever, 25 is going to be awesome and I am not going to let anyone tell me it isn’t. Also I have my yearly list of New Year’s Resolutions or #newyearnewmegoalzzz.

  1. Be better at saving money (until Nordstrom semi-annual duh)
  2. Not drinking as much – and in as in “as much” I mean less amount of literal alcohol – not less days of drinking (i.e 4 drinks instead of 14 on a saturday night)
  3.  Not being so hard on myself
  4. Stretch and foam roll more (3x/wk)
  5. Read – like a book – not magazines, not just blogs, not just instagram captions – books – and read – not listen

So those are my top goals for the year, nothing crazy. Just some standard take care of yourself and be a better person shit. You know, typical New Year’s resolutions that somehow we will forget exist by March 22nd. But in all seriousness, as not just a New Year’s resolution – not being so hard on myself and realizing that everything will be okay.What the last few weeks/months have made me realize is that as much as I feel like I suck and I suck at life and adulting is hard – EVERYONE FEELS THAT WAY. Not just my friends and people ages 22-26. Everyone. Because life is hard, but it is also great so stop letting dumb things like jobs, money, dumb boys, alcohol, or a muffin top getting in the way of you living your life and doing you. Go out there and kill it!!!! Not just for 2017 and because it is a New Year, but because you deserve it.


So that is my sappy New Year’s resolutions shit. And of course there is always that lose that last 10 lbs. But tell me a girl who isn’t trying to “lose 5 more lbs”. So I am going to keep sharing fun workouts and circuits. What I find motivates me when I am working out is a challenge and then obvi great music and those days when you are looking in the mirror when you are squatting or lifting or whatever and you are like “dayummmm – is that me?!?” – those days motivate me. I had a day like that today at the gym. KILLING IT 2017! (After running into the guy at the gym who drove me home sunday afternoon when I was blackout at the bar by 3pm……) New Year’s resolution #6 – don’t be found in a corner eating chicken wings alone at a bar for a THIRD time….


Motivation – find something you like. If you HATE running – you can find another form of cardio. A good way to get yourself to the gym, is because you like to go. Maybe you love the stairmaster or love zumba. DO THAT! No one said you have to do 100 burpees and do 50 deadlifts and run 3 miles. I am happy because for Christmas my mom got me a class pack to Cyclebar and I will probably use them all up by next week because that is something I love. I love going to a high energy spin class where everyone is just killing it, listening to some gooooood music, and dancing around on that bike. Mixing it up keeps me motivated. Trying new teachers, new classes, new gyms. It keeps me motivated and keeps my brain thinking of new ideas, new workouts, and most importantly NEW MUSIC.

Also – THIS IS MY MOTIVATION…… Srsly…. Growing up I wanted to be a backup dancer for Christina Aguilera – especially when she was going through her Xtina Dirrty phase… ugh -too bad white girl only has rhythm after 11pm and a few drinks… or maybe I don’t? Maybe that is the booze….. damn it…. oh well, I will still shake it….


I was going to post more about this gnocchi making class that my mom and I went to this week, but I have some good workouts I want to share and let’s be real, Leslie deserves her own post. So I will finish it out with some workouts for you to enjoy and another music video. Also if anyone has any songs they are loving right now – please let me know!! I am in need of some new suggestions 🙂


Full Bodyweight Blast – Warmup

10 froggers – 2o mountain climbers (per leg) – 10 side plank rotations (per side) – 4x

Weighted Circuit

designating using weights by (w)

12 reps of each exercise – 4x through circuit – after each time through the circuit complete 25 burpees

squats (w) – bicep curl to overhead press – deadlift to upright row – lateral lunge (w) (12 per leg)  – overhead tricep extension – lunges (w) – pushups – bent over row to bent over fly – sumo squat (w) – glute hip bridge (w)

Full Body Circuit 

20 tuck jumps

10 lunge – lunge – squat jump (that counts as 1 rep)

20 squat to overhead press

10 deadlift to upright row

20 plank renegade rows (10 per arm)

10 burpees

4x through the circuit

Quick and “Painless” Bodyweight

10 burpees – 10 pushups – 20 leg drops – 20 squats – 10x

**** these circuits are not meant to all be done together at the same time….. that would be an overload – just an idea to get you moving and incorporate into your routine – some circuits even can suffice as a full workout on their own – do what works for you!!!!****

So hopefully those circuits have you moving and grooving into the New AWESOME Year of 2017!! There is more where that is coming from but until next time I will be youtubing dance videos!


xx Mira

p.s I swear this is the last one for now


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