{ Holi-dazeeee }

Ohmygosh – where has the time gone. I think I have been meaning to update the blog for a month now but wow – the holidays will really get you! With having to work extra hours and barely getting any days off (ughhhh – don’t remind me) and then running all these holiday time errands and gatherings and then trying to just stay on top of life and still working out the time has really flown by.

So the holidays have come and gone and I have had a great time but wow am I happy that it is almost time to relax. One more big holiday coming up next week and then the celebrations should subside for a little bit (but more on that big holiday later 😉 ). My friends and I had a wildly successful secret santa exchange and night out. My secret santa was my friend Erin and she gave me a pair of purple and black running pants and a kate spade journal. Literally could have not had more “Mira” presents than those two things. LOVE THEM. And then we all had drinks and dinner at our favorite bar – William’s.  I am convinced we are like the people in Cheers where everyone knows our name at the bar. We have been going there for longer than we would like to admit.


Christmas was pretty chill, which was nice and relaxing for once because for those of you who know me well know I have a hard time relaxing. I need to be go-go-go all the time and sometimes it can be slightly exhausting. Taylor, my mom, and I just hung out at home and skyped my sister and her husband in North Carolina while opening presents and ate some good food. We always have meat pie, which is exactly how it sounds, a literal pie of meat and it is delicious. Then I cleaned my room a bit, worked out, and watched way too many bad Hallmark Channel Christmas movies – wow I love those terrible movies. And of course Ryder hates her Christmas sweater – which says “Dear Santa – The Cats Did It! – Love Dog”. Ewww and then of course I found out she had a UTI because she kept peeing in her sleep so that was a terrible Christmas present – ugh thanks Ryder.


My mom, sister, and I went to a Christmas cookies and cocktails class which was super fun too. We were really skeptical because the other groups cookies were terrible so we just kept to our own and wow they were delicious. We had a gin fizz, some sangria, and bourbon milk for the drinks. The cookies were peanut butter filled salted chocolate cookies, lemon curd cookies, eggnog knots, frangelico whoopie pies, and they were all delicious! I would say the whoopie pies and peanut butter salted chocolate cookies definitely won – but maybe that was just the 4 glass of sangria talking 🙂


It was nice to go to the baking class with my momma, especially because I LOVE baking and especially holiday baking but for some reason this year I just wasn’t in the mood. I stayed away from sweets, definitely didn’t over do it on the cookies or candy at all. I just wasn’t feeling it for some reason – which was good for my waistline. It was easy to stay motivated to work out during December though because I wasn’t weighed down by all the sugar and carbs – but it was just super weird that I wasn’t feeling it. I am never NOT in a cookie mood – but I guess this year I was.


But I am always in a buffalo chicken mood, so I made some buffalo chicken pasta that was amazing. I worked out, then made some buffalo chicken pasta, drank a beer, and watched some New Girl (which is my newest obsession) and enjoyed myself. What kept me motivated during the holidays (besides presents – because let’s be real, I am a brat and love presents), was the idea that that something is better than nothing. So if you have a holiday party to get to but you only have 30 minutes to do a quick circuit at the gym, that 30 minutes is better than 0 minutes. So just keep moving and a little is better than none – for your body, your brain, and your overall wellness.

I have a lot of ideas for the New Year, so another post will be coming at you shortly with an update about my cheesy “New Year, New Me” mentality. Things regarding fitness, health, food, motivation, friendships, relationships, work – everything!

I feel like I am still in a daze from the weekend of craziness and blanked on everything I was going to talk about. This weekend was nuts. On Saturday I dyed my hair – so I’m like a blonde…. it is weird… but cute and I absolutely love it. And then I worked Saturday night at the bar – oh just a typical 3pm-3am shift. LOL. Gotta love New Year’s Eve. And then Sunday we went to a pajama kegs and eggs party at the bar and it was a blast – but today I am definitely feeling the effects of the weekend.

The top picture is titled: New Year, New Me. JK LOL – New Year, Same People, Same Place, Same Shitty Me….. At least I am owning it…. oh well… And then look at how blonde my hair is at the bottom – omgosh – at least as blonde as someone with dark brown hair can get. So tonight I will work on my post for you guys regarding fitness and my new year’s resolutions while watching the season premiere of THE BACHELOR….. WOOOOOT… I am soooo #teamnick and  I don’t care who knows….

So I am off to cuddle with this little peanut and get those circuits and workout motivation pumped out for you cuties to whip it into shape for 2017 – because I have a feeling this year will be the shittttttttt.





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