Warming UP this Winter

I planned to start writing this post like thirty  minutes ago but  I could not figure out how to work this stupid coffee maker we have at our house. Now that I am sitting here, 8am on a Monday, with a cup of really weird tasting coffee to be honest (I SERIOUSLY NEED A KEURIG – that’s what they are made for right? to be EASY!), watching the my guilty pleasure of the real world, with a candle lit, and cuddling with my little pup pup – AND I have already taught bootcamp this morning – wow this will be a great Monday. Oh and I also signed me and Cece up to try out a new gym this week. We agreed on one date so of course I made an account for her with a password of “ilovemira1” and signed her up for 3 classes. Friends who sweat together stay together right?


So it is winter and every day people are asking me if I am sick! No I am not sick! I just don’t have a voice! I don’t know what happened somewhere between Wednesday and Thursday I lost it. Maybe it was the fact that I talk ALL day at my job, I taught 4 fitness classes last week, worked at 12 hour shift at Cowboy Jacks the weekend before, had a brief life dilemma (also spelling that word is a dilemma – hard) that I clearly never shut up about, and had social commitments up the wazoo. Anyways, I am not sick and I am still trying to kick-ass in the gym because of this holiday season.

Currently it is -11 degrees here. I shit you not. That is not me being dramatic. I went to work on Sunday and it was -17 degrees. Gotta love Minnesota winters. I won’t lie though – I look damn good in a sweater, leggings, boots, scarf, mittens, and cute winter headband. I am a true snowbunny. Maybe it is because I am a winter baby – woooot wooot Birthday is coming up soon! Wait fuck, I am going to be 25 – FUCK FUCK FUCK. And what have I done with my life? UGH. Okay – that topic will be for another day. I have two supa cute mirror pics from work – because why not? Also I just love that fact that the pants, sweater, boots combo has so many options. Especially when you roll out of the bed and the last thing you want to do is change out of your brand new flannel pj romper and into work clothes and brave the cold. But girl you can do it!

Also huge shout out to Alexa for posting the snowflake sweater on instagram and then of course telling me where to get it! And how flawless did those over the knee boots turn out to be? Ugh love them!!! Also show out to Alexa for a book recommendation, in my case, audiobook. I started on Friday and I am saving the last 20 minutes for my drive to work this morning. I should have listened to this book months ago!!! For a non-closeted HUGE fan of the Bachelor/Bachelorette, I don’t know why I didn’t invest sooner in Andi Dorfman’s book “It’s Not Okay“. Andi was a bad ass brunette attorney bombshell bachelorette who chose a hot AF but DOUCHEBAG jock – clearly things didn’t work out. Andi’s book is all about love, relationships, friendships, obviously herself, and then some fun things you learn about the beloved #bachelornation. Honestly though – if I could make a things I am loving list right now this is what it would consist of:

  1. Wine
  2. It’s Not Okay by Andi Dorfman
  3. Drinking wine and listening to It’s Not Okay
  4. Eyeshadow Palettes
  5. Drinking wine, listening to It’s Not Okay, and experimenting with my new eyeshadow palette

You get the point. So for anyone who needs a kick in the ass to get their life moving or get out of that shit relationship or just relate to some fucking real shit – give it a listen. Also being a HUGE fan of the Bachelor and remembering her season to a tee helps.  So while we are all consumed with the holidays, gift giving, treat eating, celebrating love, braving the weather, and having a mental breakdown every 15 minutes, just remember – you’ve got this. You can kick ass – and you might as well have a nice ass while you do it.

To forget that fact that those memes literally represent my thoughts every hour on the hour at the moment – I’ve got a workout for you! Side note – my bootcamp class this Monday was more than double the size it usually was. Either it was my subbing another instructors class and not knowing any one and guilting them into coming to my class, they loved me, New Year resolutioners getting it in early, or they fucking love themselves and that is why they are there – but whatever their reason was, they were this morning and it was great! So in this busy holiday time, don’t forget that you are working out not because you hate yourself, but because you love yourself. You might not love how you look in the mirror, but everyone has imperfections – but you love yourself and you want to feel good inside AND out. So working out hard isn’t punishment, it is a present to yourself.

Cardio + Core Circuit

do each cardio exercise either 20 reps or for 45 seconds on – followed by the core blast – then move to the next cardio exercise and repeat the core blast – etc…

Cardio Exercises: x-jumps, touch down jump squats, froggers, lunge to knee up hops, burpees, and last round is your choice

Core Blast: 10 russian twists, 10 in and outs, 10 leg drops

Quick Full Body Blast

60 seconds on of each exercise, then 45 seconds, 30 seconds, 15 seconds

sprints – wall sit – plank

HIIT it Quick 

50 skaters – 40 alternating lunge jumps – 30 burpees – 20 laydown pushups – 10 v-ups

repeat circuit 1-4x (depending on if it is your main workout or a warmup)

Booty Blast

45 seconds on or 20 reps each exercise – 2x or 4x

squat – curtsy lunge – lateral lunge – sprinter lunge – sumo squat – table top kickback – table top glute stamp – table top curtsy taps


xx Mira

p.s…. in return of giving you some bomb ass circuits to kick your booty – constructive criticism would be great! Whether it is music suggestions, the work outs are hard to understand, more pictures, less pictures, less rambling, more recipes and food – let me know! We are all learning and growing, so new year, new me, new projects, new and improved blog. Unless you want less dog pics – that will just never happen.


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