Trying to beat a case of the Mondays

With the holiday season in full swing, as I drink my Caribou in a festive snowflake cup, there are so many things that are difficult to avoid during the holidays. Whether it is an extra cocktail (or 5) at the work holiday party or an extra handful of peppermint bark or that Christmas cookie and latte while you are shopping or even just the fact that all of these delicious temptations are EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME now. While I don’t believe in giving up all indulgences, practicing moderation is key. The 80/20 eating style really helps, but you know what really helps? Working out! Who comes away from a great workout and says “Oh I really want to eat McDonald’s and some extra brownies.” No one. Okay well some days – but not usually. So that is what I have for you today – workouts! Especially when you are feeling all the holiday stress or need to detox from all your family time – going to gym to sweat it out is the PERFECT break….. and then maybe you can have an extra molasses cookie 😉

This was my super exciting Friday night – a good sweat sesh at the gym and then some late night cuddles. But Friday I got a good sweat in with some core and strength exercises…. (not the circuits I am sharing today – but definitely a good one)

Here is a good core conditioning and cardio circuit for those days you don’t feel like thinking too hard….


20 reps of each exercise 2x through & start and end with a 60 second plank hold

plank toe taps. twisted in and outs. plank hip dips. russian twists. plank to pike. single leg v-up. plank ups. leg drop to hip ups.

 Cardio – Treadmill Intervals 

Repeat each circuit twice – first time as sprints, second time as hill climbs.

30 secs on. 30 off. 45 on. 45 off. 60 on. 60 off. 45 on. 45 off. 30 on. 30 off.

30 on.30 off. 60 on. 60 off. 30 on. 30 off. 60 on. 60 off.

30 on.30 off. 120 on. 60 off. 30 on. 30 off.

30 on. 30 off. 30 on. 30 off. 45 on. 45 off. 45 on. 45 off. 30 on. 30 off. 30 on. 30 off.

120 on. 120 off. 30 on. 30 off. 120 on. 120 off.


I have a few more circuits to share but the one I had fun with today was a TRX only workout. Sometimes I forget how much I enjoy using those straps – but I like to go in the studio in the basement – ALONE – because I hate people watching me bop around.


my attempt at taking a plank to pike picture #fail

TRX Full Body Circuit

12 reps of each – 3x

reverse lunge with back foot in strap (12 each)

alligator opens

squat to reach up

tricep extension

mountain climbers (12 each) (feet in straps)

hamstring curls (feet in straps)

jump squats

high row to low row (12 each)

lateral lunge to knee up hop (12 each)

skaters (12 each)

chest press

open chest fly

single leg squat (6 each)

plank jack to pike (12 each)

power pull ups


Maybe I should start figuring out how to take pictures of moves because like who knows what a power pull up on a TRX strap is? Is that even google-able ? Cece and I were discussing workout and exercise slang…. Maybe that is something I should work on… Probably… Well I am going to go figure out how to write more understandable shorthand and plan my holiday treats baking plan…


Here is just a prime example of why you shouldn’t ask me for advice on what baked goods to bring to your work party…. LOVE YOU BIG Q!!! But seriously my next few days will be holiday gift and treat planning and work out organization because failing to plan is planning to fail….


xx Mira


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