Things I Love Lately

I have a lengthy list of things I love lately but let me start with a SHORT very short list of things I do NOT love lately. I do not love wearing a headset all day at work. I do not love how fast my phone battery dies lately (wtf Apple). And I do not love how my knee hurts every time I run outside and how I am going to PT in the morning. UGH. I AM TOO YOUNG TO STOP RUNNING.

I was in a shit mood on Saturday because we have those days and my best friend Cece didn’t console me, but she invited me over to run before work. We ran down to the University of Minnesota campus and there is a big set of stairs which Cece made me run with her. 10 times. 10 times. God that was a bitch of a workout. Cece kept telling us “it doesn’t matter how fit you are, stairs will always suck.” I don’t know if that is true or not, but I am choosing to believe it.

Which brings me to things I DO love lately.

Working out with friends, especially in beautiful weather. Specifically running – I won’t say I will suggest running stairs anytime soon. But running outside in cold weather is my jam. So while people stop running outside in the winter, that is when I start. But that is a story for another time.


Sam Edelman Paloma Over the Knee Boots – one of my two #blackfriday purchases – I hope they look as hot on me as they do on those instagram famous chicks.

Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese – I made this for a friendsgiving and it was TOO DIE FOR. It may not be the healthiest entree to share but everyone will love you compared to the girl who brought the green bean casserole.


Smashbox Primer and Primer water – if you want your makeup to stay all day, it is seriously worth the investment. Do you ever feel like you go to work looking flawless and come home looking like crap just because your foundation game is weak? Seriously.

Mario Badescu Drying Mask – it smells like poop but if you want your skin cleared up asap it will help. Courtesy of my makeup guru friend Jessie my skin cleared up in two weeks for my sisters wedding because of this make goop.

Vitamin B and Magnesium. I started taking both about two weeks ago to help with stress, anxiety, hormones (mainly break outs), sleeping, energy, and digestion – all those good things. Maybe it is the placebo effect, but I feel as if they are actually working!! Wooot!

The Affair – the BEST show on Showtime next to Shameless and Joshua Jackson is in it so it makes up for the fact that the main characters are terribly easy to hate. An affair that leads to murder, paternity concerns, drug dealing, family scandals, and lots of trials; what is there not to love. Let’s just say in two weeks I am almost fully caught up – hey it was a holiday weekend!

Non-Traditional Holiday Food – everyone says they love turkey, gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. But I don’t. So we did bbq ribs, cornbread, mac and cheese, and salted caramel chocolate brownies. BUT the best was we started with a cranberry brie sourdough bread appetizer. WOW.


Fab Fit Fun Boxes – well I can’t say I love it yet because I am still awaiting my first one but from what the reviews say and all my bffs from #bachelornation have to say about them, I don’t think I will be disappointed.

Lexi’s Clean Kitchen Cookbook – what a little cutie who made a beautiful cookbook with easy delicious recipes. Such a good present for a fitness or foodie friend for the holidays.

This post is proudly sponsored by my favorite wine – Vihno Verde (only $4.47 at your local Total Wine – I am a cheap dinner date and I am okay with that), yoga pants, and as always puppy cuddles.


xx Mira



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