Recap Schmecap

With family events, weddings, travels, holidays, and mixing that all in with trying to stay active, healthy, and for a type A person like me staying scheduled and organized – life can get busy. I had taken a hiatus from working my second job at the bar and it was a much needed break but I knew it was time to go back (not just for my bank account) but I was feeling settled and de-stressed and ready slash even wanting to go back. I wish I could recap everything that has happened since I last posted but it is one of those things where I feel like nothing has happened or a bazillion things have happened. So I will bore you the nitty gritty details and just give you a quick update and workout for you to combat the holiday bulge with 🙂


Jessica & Peter’s Welcome Reception Happy Hour in NC for #weddingweekend #pbjtime2016

I did have moment where I felt like I have grown and developed as a person. Tuesday I woke up at 530am and got to the gym around 550am expecting to teach cycle at 6am. I realized it was December 15th that I was supposed to sub and not November 15th. So circa Mira 2010 she would have been so annoyed, so pissed, and grumpy. And I know it sounds like something that is small but little things used to annoy me the most. But I just said that is okay, took spin class from the instructor (and I am SUPER picky when it comes to instructors) and then went on with my day and focused that even though I was up early and made a mistake, I got a good workout in and that is all that matters.  I ended up really enjoying the instructor and if I can force myself up that early two days in a row maybe I will start going to her class more often. Trying new instructors and formats is great for mixing it up and not getting bored. My friend Roxanne and I have decided that Thursdays after work we will go to the HIIT class at the Y by work. We have gone a few times and it is a good class. The first time we went though they did this weird choreographed dance / squat / cardio track to a techno remix of the YMCA song. So that is another example of how I would get frustrated previously – because it is kinda lame tbh – but I just went with it and again got a good sweat in. So going with the flow and realizing that sometimes things happen that aren’t a big deal and you just have to let it roll is something I have been working on and slowly I think I am getting there. Keeping lists and writing things down in pretty notebooks help me: I neeeeeed to be organized all the time or else I panic. Also calming candles and puppy snuggles to relax 🙂


I have been doing a lot of workouts on my own and I know that everyone has a preference of the workouts they like so I try to mix it up. I know I like to do HIIT workouts but focusing on just strength sometimes or getting on the bike or even just steady state cardio is necessary too. So here is a strength/weight workout you can do at the gym on your own or grab a friend!

Leg Circuit – 15 reps of each 2x 

burpees – squats – curtsy lunge – lateral lunge – sumo squat – bottom half squat pulse – lunges – side leg lift – back leg lift – frogger – dead lift – sprinter lunge – skaters – wall sit (60 seconds)

Arm Circuit – 12 reps of each 3x

chest press – chest fly – bent over row – hammer curl – L raises – tricep extension – overhead press – lay down pushup – superman – single arm snatch (r) – s.a snatch (l)

Core Blast – 12 reps of each 2x

1 minute plank – plank hip dips – leg drop to hip up – flutter kicks – russian twist – mtn climbers – snap jump – plank jack – in and outs – side plank dips

If you are feeling up to it – finish with 20 minutes cardio! Could just be walking on the treadmill, running, intervals on the treadmill, biking, rowing. Anything to get that heart rate up a little bit 🙂

Now that you have worked hard I am going to relax and go eat some leftover thanksgiving food (which for us yesterday was bbq ribs, cornbread, and mac and cheese) and continue binge watching The Affair with my puppy .


UGHHHH – nothing but love for this pup

xx Mirs

p.s  I swear my next post will be better and will include exciting things like a recipe for this wonderful buffalo chicken mac and cheese.


Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese


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