Sweet Treats – My guilty pleasure

There are some people who love salty snacks and some people love sweets. I am such a sucker for sweets. Candy. Cookies. Ice Cream. Brownies. Cupcakes. Cake. Candy. Also has anyone noticed that all those words start with C? That is weird. Also throwback to my girl Angelica from Rugrats whose first word was cookie. I feel ya girl.

I have always loved to bake! I grew up baking all the time with my mom. And legit baking – not any of that break and bake shitttttt. Now that is getting into holiday time that means treats and more treats all the time for every reason. My method with holiday and treats are – make them myself, save a few for myself, and give the rest away. 1. Then I get the pleasure of making the treats. 2. I get a little bit of the sweetness and don’t gorge. 3. I give them away to people and get complimented on how the are surprised at how well I can bake or cook. Everyone loves compliments.

With it being fall right now everyone is all hyped about pumpkin and you know what? I LOVE PUMPKIN and I am not ashamed of loving pumpkin. Let me get on my soapbox real quick: For  all those people who say basic girls love pumpkin and it is just a hype. No it isn’t about being a basic girl. It is pumpkin is DELICIOUS and you can only get pumpkin products typically around fall time. You don’t find pumpkin muffins all year round or pumpkin cookies or pumpkin spice coffee. What if banana chocolate chip muffins were only served in summer? Would is be basic to obsess over pumpkin chocolate chip stuff in the summer? Point made.

I made some delicious white chocolate pumpkin truffles (courtesy to my girl Sally @ Sally’s Baking Addiction) to give to coworkers for Halloween. Way better than the typical candy you find everywhere. I also made some Oreo balls because I wanted to give them away when I went out to a few parties on Saturday night. I was dressed as Little Red Riding Hood and Ryder was the big bad wolf 😉 – so of course I needed snacks in my basket for grandma! I didn’t get any pictures of the Oreo truffles because they were such a hit. I carried the Oreo balls and a box of double stuffed Oreos in my basket to the party and out to the bar. Ugh such a good decision. I made so many friends.

See! Don’t you want some treats now? 😉 but so like I said. I love love love to bake and eating homemade treats is so much more satisfying for me than if I am just getting a chips ahoy cookie or brownie from target. Unless they are those white soft sugar cookies with pink or yellow frosting and sprinkles from target. Those are amazing. So with sweets – it is definitely choosing what you think is worth it. My mom the other day said she ate some malted milk balls so it would curb her from eating a Reese’s. Gross. Just eat 1 amazing Reese’s. Not 20 whoppers. Those candies are nasty.

Portion control !!!!! And now that Halloween is over and the candy is all on sale. And it is getting colder. Pumpkin shit is still everywhere. Thanksgiving is coming and then Christmas – God holidays are everyday. Portion control. Choose one thing you want. If you want that extra cocktail go for it. But don’t choose the cookies, the chips, and the cocktails. Pick one indulgent thing.

So to prep for Halloween sweet tooth cravings and my sisters wedding is this weekend – ugh another time of lots of delicious food and sweets and booze. I had to meal prep to stay on track. But seriously that is what you need to do. After this weekend I will for sure cut down on sweets – my dentist will probably thank me – and start monitoring that more. I’m thinking about doing a sugar detox because I probably am a legit addict. So I will ponder that this week while I’m at the wedding festivities. Flying home in a sweatpants, hangover and food induced coma, I will probably say “I am never going to drink again! Or eat seeets and fatty foods.” Until the next time a party happens 😉 so let’s see what happens and what I can work on planning !!!


Sausage & Egg Scramble

Well I need to get packing and I have to teach spin tonight and I leave for North Carolina in the morning. Granted I have so much stuff to get done and organized before I leave and adding teaching spin to my to-do list doesn’t seem like the greatest idea time wise. I know I will be so happy, post sweaty spin sesh in an endorphin high.

xx Mira


Cecilia – my health obsessed, super smart masters student friend who has guest posted about her marathon ! HBD GIRL!!! We will see celebrate  with tacos and tequila.


Sneaking extra iceys! Hbd Cece

Kiley – my Bdubs coworker turned bestie turned roomie – granted you are a million miles away in Arizona I couldn’t have made it through college without you and I miss and love you and we will stir up some trouble soon !




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