“Roadtripping” + Scheduling Your Workouts

I put roadtripping in quotes because driving to Chicago Friday and driving home on Sunday with my mom and my sister isn’t my ideal road trip – no offense fam. So Friday we hit the road and I would say I slept 70% of the ride and then listen to podcasts and read articles/blogs the other 30%. I have the best skill of sleeping while traveling – like flying or driving. We got to my cousins house around 9pm so it was just time to catch up with the fam and then go to sleep. I somehow could still sleep even though I took like a 5 hour nap – riddle me that someone?

So waking up in the morning after a full nights sleep (on top of my extended car nap) – I felt like a lump. It was like when your body doesn’t even feel like anything but mush. So I decided to go for a run. My cousins have a lake in the neighborhood but I am always scared I am going to get lost and when I get lost, I get frustrated, and then I stop running. OR I get stressed out that the area I know won’t be a long enough route so I will get back home too soon and I won’t get as long of a run in as I want. I should’ve just gone to map my run or looked up running paths in the area. Or I could have even dropped at pin at my cousins house and just ran and google mapped myself back. Anyways that’s my own personal problem. I just ran to the main road and ran 2 miles down and 2 miles back. No way I could get lost in a straight line (or so I would hope).

It was perfect fall weather outside and a run was exactly what I needed after 27 hours of sleep. So then I showered and did some family stuff for the afternoon. We went to get food and the bar we were at had Leinenkuegel’s Summer Shandy on special – totes because they were trying to get rid of the summer beer – so I definitely helped them get a handful of those out of their beer cooler 🙂 I then went downtown to hang out with some friends. And in the morning my mom, sister, and I grabbed some breakfast at the Corner Bakery. Such a great, little simple chain. PLEASE COME TO MINNESOTA.

I had a breakfast panini with egg, cheese, and bacon with a caramel latte. Simple but delicious. Leslie (also known as Meemaw or my mother) had some oats with cranberries and apples and a raisin crisp. I don’t know – it looked delicious. And then best of all……


We split a homemade lemon curd poptart pastry thang. It was like a mix between a poptart and a toaster strudel. God I used to live and breath for apple toaster strudels as a kid. Clearly my sugar addiction started young – still working out it… I swear… Not only do I have my stomach, my jeans, my skin, and my mood reminding me – now I have my dentist and teeth being like “slow down on that sugar girlfriend”.

Then I came home and played with Ryder at the “doggy park” for awhile. Aka the park across the street from my house that everyone treats as an off-leash dog park but it’s not. But god is it convenient. Then I did some unpacking and showering and took Ryder for a long walk. I knew I needed to get some more movement in after a long drive (and another extended nap) home but I was just wanting to go to the gym. So a nice long, bonding walk with the dog.

As I am getting ready for the week I am going to start trying to write weekly game plans for what I am going to do exercise that day. Setting a more concrete plan and sticking to it. Here is a little example of what my schedule planning will entail:

Monday: Arms/Core Strength & Weights + 15-30 mins HIIT

Tuesday: Light cardio sesh (2-4miles running or 45 min spin) + core

Wednesday: Legs Strength & Weights + 15-30 mins HIIT

Thursday: Medium cardio sesh (4-6 miles running or 60 mins spin)

Friday: Rest (obvi still being active like walking the pup)

Saturday: Total Body Strength & Weights + 15 mins HIIT or cardio

Sunday: Long Cardio sesh (6-10 miles) OR Bootcamp/HIIT exercise for 60 minutes + core

It is still in the works and trying to figure out how many rest days you personally need is important. Sometimes people need one day, some people need two, some might even need three depending on the intensity of your exercise. Figure out what works for you and make a plan!!! I will update you on what my plan will be. Because as cheesy as it sounds – forgetting to plan IS planning to fail.

Also here are some quick bodyweight circuits in case you are traveling and need something quick to get your sweat in and don’t have a ton of space, time, or equipment. Or just to incorporate to your weekly plan (perfect for HIIT days)!!!

50 skaters – 40 alt lunge jumps – 30 burpees – 20 laydown pushups – 10 v-ups  – repeat 2-3x

50 jumping jacks – 50 sit ups – 20 burpees – 20 pushups – 50 squats – 50 leg lifts – 20 burpees – 20 mountain climbers – once thru or repeat twice

30 second wall sit – 30 second plank – 15 second sprint —–> 60 second wall sit – 60 second plank – 30 second sprint —–> 90 second wall sit – 90 second plank – 45 second sprint —–> 2 minute wall sit – 2 minute plank – 1 minute sprint —–> and then back down to 30 seconds….

xx Mira

p.s If you have any new songs you are loving or want to share your schedule template – feel free to comment below! Always looking for new songs to jam too and inspiration for planning 🙂


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