So there are a ton of things that are amazing about living in Minneapolis: the food, the lakes, the outdoor activities, the music, and all that jazz. I could go on and on. But what I rarely talk about if my girl friends. And before I begin – this post is not about being healthy as in eating well and working out – but living healthy and building healthy friendships and mental health wellness. Continuing, I have the weirdest, craziest group of girl friends. Most of us have known each other since kindergarten or grade school so this means with us, there is literally NOTHING we don’t know about each other. We are those people who you hate to hang out with because we will reference some story about a field trip we went on in the 5th grade and spend like 30 minutes talking about that one field trip. Sometimes its hard for us to remember no one gives a shit besides us. But to the point of the post, we decided to have a girls spa day this weekend which included wine, lifetime movies, face masks, snacks, random spa treats, and tons of laughs.

So I decided to host and go all out. We had so many face products, skin masks, freezer masks, head bands, nail polishes, lotions, scrubs, soaks, essential oils. Literally there was nothing we didn’t have. Like hair braiding and back massages even went down this weekend. As many o you know I am on a big lifetime movie kick – if anyone has some free time – A Kept Woman. WOW. Game changing lifetime movie.

Everyone was getting their relaxing on this weekend even Ryder. LOOK AT HOW CUTE SHE IS WITH HER FACE MASK ON #cooling #soothing #princesspup.  Also the face mask she is wearing was from the dollar store and out of all the products I had, this is what Maddie fell in love with. So I think we found a winner!!!! We had quite the array of snacks too. I love entertaining. I love cooking. I love baking. I love when people enjoy my food. I love when people compliment my food.

Here is just a sample of some of the treats: salted caramel pumpkin mini cheesecakes and caprese salad. We also had bbq meatballs, wine, smoked gouda and crackers, fresh fruit, cucumber water, and did I mention wine. Shout out to Sally’s Baking Addiction for having the best recipes so I combined 3 different ones to make those salted caramel pumpkin cheesecakes and boy they were a hit with my friends and my coworkers. Also the salted caramel sauce would make a great, easy holiday gift.

My friends and I had a wonderful time and I also was soooooo relaxed I slept 12 hours that night. It was sooooo soothing. Then Sunday I had an amazing day as well – made an amazing brunch, walked the dog like 3 times, had a wonderful vanilla latte, and going to a girls dinner at Tinto – because we LOVE mexican.

All in all – granted I didn’t run 6 miles or eat broccoli and grilled chicken, I did exactly what I needed for me. For my mental health. For my friendships. For my dog. So I know that a ton of my friends and I have all been feeling like we have been beaten down and tired and exhausted. But don’t let that happen. Remember what you need. And honestly 90% of the time what you need is your girls. Shout out to all my wonderful friends – here and there and everywhere.

xxx your Mirs, Mimi, Mural The Rural Traveler, Mira, Schmear, Meeeera 




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