Post-Run, Pizza, and Presidents

Does this seem like a theme in my life? Pizza, politics, and working out. If you think yes – then you’d be right. I am writing to you as I laugh at this comedy show called the Presidential debate. But this debate is not the highlight of my day and unfortunately neither are the three lifetime movies I watched, although I highly recommend “A Mother’s Nightmare” on Lifetime Movie Network. My highlight was I ran the Twin Cities 10 miler today and despite my training – or lack thereof – I would say it was quite the successful. I have tons of pics and shout outs so be prepared!!


Cece and me at Expo Packet Pick-up woooot

So I started the day by waking up at 5:35 am and texting my friend Courtney are 5:36am saying “I’m having a panic attack, I don’t think I can do it!” – After I had successfully made a BOMB.COM playlist last night and had plenty of advil and went to bed early – I woke up just being so nervous and self-doubting. “I can’t do this. If I go back to bed what will happen? I am not ready for this! I shouldn’t be going”. After a few back and forths and feeling bad that I was complaining to a mom of three who had been up since 3:30am and my friend who was running a full marathon, I felt like a baby and decided to woman up and give it what I’ve got. The best advice I received today was from my friend Courtney and she said “just treat it like a normal workout.” So that is what I did.

When the race started, I started. A lot of times I hear that little piece of advice to prove all the people who told you “you can’t” wrong. What I realized during this run is I don’t have those people in my life. I don’t have people telling me I can’t or I am not enough in my life. I am so lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing people. I was the only one telling myself I couldn’t. I was the one bringing myself down. You can’t win if you don’t play the game and I was the one not letting myself fully play the game. My goal was to not stop and to just keep going and that is what I kept telling myself: You can’t see any changes if you don’t make a change. There were plenty of people all shapes and sizes and ages out their on the path and I wasn’t discouraged by them but more so empowered so I thought to myself – If they can run, I sure as hell can too. They aren’t the ones telling me I can’t, it is me. This is a preachy moment – but I am a strong, confident, independent woman and I sure as hell won’t be the one bringing myself down.

Granted I didn’t train accordingly – aka 3 “long runs” in two months (4.5 miles, 6 miles, and 8 miles) – I finished and I didn’t stop and walk to take a break. That was my goal to just keep going. I accomplished my goal and what else could you ask? I mean I definitely could improve my time and learned some good lessons. 1. Train a little more adequately – because my time was mehhhh for me personally and my knee HURTS SO BAD. I am hobbling around my house and it is sad.2. GOD MY ELBOW CREASES SWEAT A LOT – dress adequately and wear good socks. 3. Eat a little better. 4. Don’t forget to believe in yourself because you are most likely doing something that 95% of the population can’t or hasn’t done before. I woke up this morning not thinking I could do it, not thinking I was prepared, and not believing in myself. But I was wrong. I had so much genuine love and support from friends and family today that it made me feel really confident and empowered. I kept feeling like the 10 miler was no big deal because of the marathon but during my run I realized – whatever you are doing that is a challenge is enough. If running a 5k is a challenge for you and you did it – YEAH YOU! If running a marathon in less than 3 hours is your challenge – GO YOU! So now that I know I can do it we will have to see what the next challenge is – once my knee has recovered. (In all honesty I think it will be getting my sweet tooth in check……)

I had a ton of wonderful and beautiful friends run a lot of races this weekend. Here are cute pictures of them all rocking out and doing their thing. *included are my favorite inspirational sign quotes from race watchers today.

The only marathon I have ever done is Gilmore Girls!

If Trump can run so can you!

Waking up early this morning to make this sign was hard too!

You did all of this for a free banana?

So shout out to everyone who ran this weekend or anyone who has ever run or plans to run because you can do it! And if you aren’t ready yet – make yourself a killer playlist and that will get you moving. Google: Let’s Go Making The Band 3 and you won’t be disappointed.

xx Mira


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