Body Weight Blasts

Today is Thursday so let’s make this short and sweet so I can take Ryder for a walk before Grey’s Anatomy starts #priorities. And yes Grey’s Anatomy is still on the air and yes I still watch it. I have some body weight circuits for you so you can get your heart rate pumping and incorporate some strength moves. I am running the Twin Cities 10 miler this weekend so I have been taking it easy this week with body weight workouts. I am guilty of sometimes going too heavy with weights and then being a little too sore the next day – not to the point where I can’t move or workout but sore enough I can definitely feel it. I wanted to “taper” a little this week aka go a little easy so I am ready for the 10 miler. There will definitely be more stories to come on that after this weekend, I am sure. But shout out to all the people running something this weekend! Roxanne and her first 10k! Me and my first 10 miler! Cece and her second marathon! YAY BEING ACTIVE IN THE TWIN CITIES!

I am just going to unload a ton of body weight circuits on you here: SIX of them! You can always switch them up a little and combine them to create a full workout. That is what I usually do for my bootcamp classes:2-5 body weight circuits because dealing with 30 people and 30 bosus and 30 kettle bells and 30 etc… is just a lot of ishhhh to deal with when your body is the best tool you can use 🙂

10 minute cardio + arm AMRAP

20 skaters – 20 burpees – 20 jump squats – 20 x-jumps

after each exercise do 10 pushups

go through the circuit as many times as you can in 10 minutes

Core Circuit

1 minute plank

60 russian twists – 50 side crunch (25 each) – 40 toe reach  – 30 flutter kicks – 20 plank hip dips – 10 v-ups

1 minute plank

Cardio HIIT

30 seconds each exercise – after all exercises are completed take a 1 minute break

jumping jacks – froggers – high knees – burpees – skaters – touch down squat jumps – mtn climbers – x jumps – plank to squat to tuck jump – quick feet

Booty Gainz and Goalz Circuit

squat – curtsy lunge to leg lift – sprinter lunge – lunge to kick back – sumo squat to lunge – narrow squat – table top glute-stamp – table top curtsy lunge – singe leg hip bridge

do each exercise for 45 seconds and repeat circuit either 2 or 4x – MAKE SURE YOU ARE TRAINING BOTH SIDES OF YOUR BODY EQUALLY FOR SINGLE LEG OR LUNGES

Core Blast

plank – bike – double crunch – plank pike knee drive –  leg drops to hip ups – plank hip dips – russian twists – reverse plank

do each exercise for 45 seconds and repeat circuit at least 2x

Full Body Circuit

squat jumps – pushups – mountain climbers – skaters – v-ups -burpees

do each exercise for 15 seconds – repeat each exercise for 30 seconds – repeat each for 45 seconds and so on.

15 seconds – 30 seconds – 45 seconds – 60 seconds – 45 seconds – 30 seconds – 15 seconds

Now you have a ton of circuits that you can do! I personally love the core blast ones because they are quick and easy and a great to get in right before bed or after work! Super easy to get some movement and core strength in for your day!! Side note – my friend Gabby was at Target stocking up on non-perishables today because lives in Florida aka Hurricanville, USA. We were talking about how non-perishables are so bad for you, but total comfort food. Which reminded me of Chef Boyardee and how fake yet amazing it is!!! So now I will do the core blast while watching Grey’s fantasizing about Chef Boyardee but NOT giving in and getting it. UGH if only I was 10 again.


xx Mirs


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