Sundays are for the Girls

Do you ever feel like sometimes life is just beating you down? Right now that is totally how I feel. It I like I have a to do list of 100 things to do and once I get it down then there a 50 more things tacked on. I totally felt it all piling up and crashing down on me this weekend. And to make things more bleh I just feel like I am in such a rut with working out. I have been slacking and only doing like 3-4 times a week but usually I am a 5-7 times a week person. I am trying to ramp up my intensity of workouts and go for less time so it is all about adjusting to the changes.

Because I was feeling blah this weekend Cece and I decided to food prep on Sunday and split the food. This is obviously after I took Ryder for a long park play time and stopped at the mall to pickup some new makeup. *Shout out to my make up connoisseur friend  Jessie who never lets me down with the best makeup* BACK TO FOOD AND HEALTH – okay food prepping with friends. Phew. This has a few benefits: You get a variety of foods for the week so you aren’t eating 12 servings of casserole. You split the work aka half as many dishes and half as much cooking. I’m totally down with sharing the cleaning tasks. And best of all, you have time to hang out with your friends !!! My favorite thing about Cece is that I can talk for literally two hours without taking a break and she just listens. Having friends that are good listeners are great, especially if you never shut up like me. And it reminds me to be a better listener because I would be sad if no one listened to me.

Wow this is has been a really moody post – throwback to teen angst Mira listening to some Simple Plan thinking they just “totally get me”. But on a happier note here are pics and links for all the amazing meals we made and split this weekend. I am eating like a healthy queen this week 💁🏻

This is the before and half of the after product (because Cece and I split everything duh). We made gluten free pizza, buffalo chicken and blue cheese coleslaw tacos, frittata, and paleo nut free granola bars – side note: Cece is allergic to nuts and dogs. UGH SHE’S THE WORST.

We made gluten free pizza crust – which turned out amazing and actually tasted like normal pizza crust and it didn’t use almond flour.  For our toppings we used low sodium tomato sauce and seasoned it ourselves, spinach, mushrooms, onions, pepperoni, and obvi mozzarella. Score: 8/10.

Now these are the nut free paleo granola bars which I am not going to lie, I was super skeptical of them before we made them. We doctored them up a little bit and added some chia seeds and chopped up the fruit super small. They were super easy and a great snack! We cut them into perfect sizes that they are a great afternoon pick me up or a pre-workout/pre-run snack. Score: 9/10.


Ryder just wanted to say hi and she is super jealous she can’t have those snacks too!

Breakfast frittata  because we all know that making breakfast in the morning sucks. We cooked it up, cut it into serving slices and individually wrapped them so they are a perfect breakfast.  We took this recipe from Fed and Fit‘s cookbook – which we both obvi pre-ordered and everyone should!!! Super easy too: eggs, breakfast sausage, onion, garlic, spinach, and tomatoes. That’s it!! Score 8.5/10.

Now I am not showing the last thing we made: Buffalo Chicken Tacos and Blue Cheese Coleslaw because to be blunt – we fucked up. So as often as I make it look like everything I cook is great, it isn’t. I just don’t show what doesn’t work out and many times it doesn’t work out. Don’t get me wrong – it was fully cooked and completely edible and tastes not bad, but wow does it look bad and wow did we calculate the amount of chicken we needed incorrectly. We have like three full ziplocs of coleslaw and we have maybeeeeeee one ziploc of chicken. So coleslaw salad is what our lunches will be this week. WHOOOOPS!! At least we know what we need to work on.

Hopefully this gives you a little kick in the butt to food prep more. Food prepping can be fun and more than just chicken and broccoli. Make it fun, switch it up, try new things, surf the blogs, not afraid to try out new shit, make it social, and be proud of what you make!! Happy cooking!!!!

xx Mirs


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