Prepping & Presidenting & Podcasting

There are so many things I want to talk about to today but I will try to keep it short and sweet. As many of you know I was a polisci major so as the election starts to heat up, I try not too. I try to relax and stay calm in the madness that is the campaign season. For me that means reading the news but also working out and NOT thinking about or listening to anything political at all. It also means – while watching the news updates or Presidential debates, it is the perfect time to food prep. So that is exactly what I did last night and I am ready to share the results.

Yesterday I made 3 easy recipes, watched the debates, walked my dog, and a did a face mask. Pampering myself should be added into the title of this post because I am so into at home self-care it is slightly embarrassing. I have to do a face mask like twice a week and paint my nails once a week and do weekly hair treatments; like to the point where it goes on my to-do list and I stress out if I didn’t do a face mask that day or the next. And you are right – that is CRAZY and I am very aware I need to settle the effffff down. Hence why I need time to do a face mask and relax!


This is Ryder clearly not loving my super creepy charcoal paper face mask. But I have some pretty pics to go with the food and a brief explantation of the foods and I will just skate past the presidential debates and not really talk about it. Also let’s be real, we all know we are waiting for the Bachelor to start on Mondays anyways #teamnick. Fourth times a charm right Nick Viall? (But secretly, I have a big crush on him….. awkward)

So here we have ‘basic’ paleo pumpkin muffins (basic as in OMGEEE IT IS FALL I LOVE PUMPKIN FLAVOR SHIT basic). I used a box mix from Simple Mills – grain free and dairy free – paleo friendly and I used coconut oil. They are delicious and not too sweet and a perfect grab and go breakfast or after work snack. YUM.


Now to the avocado cucumber caprese salad. It is tomatos, avocado, cucumber, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, balsamic and a little bit of olive oil. YUM! Eat it as a side dish, eat it as a meal, bring it to a party to share, add some gluten free or whole grain pasta – whatever you prefer, or a grill some chicken and add it in there. No one who has tried this hasn’t liked it and that’s a fact. #factcheck

I took this recipe from one of my favorite bloggers Fit Foodie Finds, who is based here in Minnesota – shoutout. But it is an Enchilada Chicken Casserole. Easy, quick, filled with protein – paleo if you exclude the beans and the cheese and rice – okay so not really paleo but whatever guys. I am not someone who doesn’t handle dairy well so if I think the dish needs some cheese, I am going to use some cheese okay. Tons of veggies and a flavor, again something that would be great to share, great for weekly meal prep, lunch, dinner, midnight snack. Add some fresh sliced avocado on the top and you are good to go!!!!!


Had to break up the delicious looking food with an adorable picture of my needy dog who has no concept of personal space. But I just wanted to talk quick about podcasts and audiobooks because UGH I AM SO INTO THEM!!!! For someone who gets tired quickly from reading but loves to learn or hear stories seriously get audible. For someone who has a long commute and is sick of scrolling to refresh instagram or swiping left on every dating app because #boybye – get audible. For people who long run a lot or can listen to not pump up jams working out – get audible. Okay – everyone get audible. And if you think you are too cool for podcasts or you are a poser because it is a hipster thing to do – it’s not and fucking listen to podcasts. So here is a list of the top thangs I am listening to or amped to listen to.

  1. PaleOMG Uncensored with Juli Bauer – my favorite blogger just started a podcast – so enough said. SUBSCRIBED.
  2. In The Dark – for you Minnesota or Midwestern folks, this is a Serial style podcast that investigates WHY it took law enforcement so long to solve Jacob Wetterling’s kidnapping and what went wrong. Talk about the most realistically frightening and enticing podcast that hits super close to home. SUBSCRIBED.
  3. Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari – READ BY AZIZ….. sooooo it is basically listening to Aziz talk about love for 8 hours straight and how efffffffed up society is with love now. Did I mention Aziz reads the audiobook? DOWNLOADED. (audible – hence downloaded and not subscribed)
  4. The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer – read by Amy Schumer. Again – just some good stories that produce laughter, some tears, and always a personal connection that makes me think if she could just meet me WE’D BE BESTIES. DOWNLOADED.
  5. The Hand That Feeds You by A.J Rich – okay so I haven’t started this one yet but I will because I am supposed to “read” it for this fake book club I am in. And normally I am not a novel girl, but this is enticing. A lady finds her fiance dead and then basically finds out he is a sociopath with a bazillion other girlfriends and tons of lies. SUSPENSEFUL. And who doesn’t love a good thriller where you can utilize your Law and Order SVU skills. DOWNLOADED.
  6. Dave Ryan in the Morning Show Podcast – OKAY MAKE FUN OF ME ALL YOU WANT. I am weird and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dave Ryan and I listen to their podcast every day and I pretend that Steveo, Falen, and Dave are my friends. But whatever, if you want some good laughs that are super light hearted and something to take your mind off of shit at work or home or in the gym – find them on the iheartradio app. SUBSCRIBED.

That was a lot of ish to get through but hopefully you have found either a new recipe or a book/podcast to hook yourself on. Happy listening and cooking!!!!!

xx Mirs


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