How To Not Let Work Get In TheWay Of Your Health!

Do as I say not as I do. Because otherwise currently you’d be sitting in a hot groutfit (grey outfit) with kleenex stuck up your nose watching too many Jimmy Fallon youtube videos and eating sour patch kids telling yourself it is okay because #caloriesdontcountwhenyouresick. Okay honestly that doesn’t sound like a bad scenario besides the fact I can’t breathe out of my left nostril. Being healthy while you are sick is important too, so after the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy I fully intend on food prepping: paleo pumpkin muffins, semi paleo pizza (we all want that fresh mozzarella), and turkey veggie hummus lunch rollups.

But today I want to talk about staying healthy at work because having an 8-5 desk job stinks for your health. There is only so much time you have outside of work in your day that you can’t throw 7-9 hours away just sitting at a desk. Would you rather spend your free time hanging out with your friends and doing cool things or trying to combat the health issues you are probably accumulating from being a lump at work? Exactly. So I have some tips and tricks for you to make sure you are creating healthy habits at work.

  1. Don’t be ashamed of wanting to be healthy. Being self conscious about your habits is completely normal, but now I have no shame in my game. I bring my lunch every day and my friends buy their lunch. Do I care? No! I bring my own coffee creamer instead of using the fake sugar loaded shit at work. Do I care? No!
  2. Check your HR or facilities for healthy resources. It sounds nerdy, but I had an “ergonomic assessment” aka a lady came up to my desk and set my chair to fit me and programmed my sit to stand desk to the heights that are meant for me. Honestly, it worked…. I know I sound lame, but my back and neck haven’t hurt from sitting at my chair or staring at computer screen since my adjustment. AND they ordered me a wrist pad and it really has helped. Think what you want, but at least I won’t be a hunchback when I am old. Or maybe they can get you an exercise ball chair? I want one sooooo bad.
  3.  If you can, get a sit to stand work station and actually STAND!!!! It not only helps me from feeling like a lump all day, but standing keeps me more energized.
  4. For you coffee drinkers – WATCH YOUR INTAKE. And by that I mean, if you put so much creamer in your coffee that it is basically coffee flavored milk STOP! Be careful that you are getting water in your system too and not using a ton of cream and sugar.
  5. Keep your work station clean – clean of clutter, clean of dirt, clean of unhealthy snacks. You won’t stress out, you will stay organized, germ free, and won’t mindlessly snack when you get stressed at work.
  6. But also keep your work station stocked – stocked with water, stocked with healthy snacks, stocked with things that make you happy and relax. WATER!! Seriously….
  7. Take breaks! Move! Walk! Shake it up! Find ways to be active. Take the stairs, not the elevator – especially if you are going down.
  8. Prepare! You have to prep for your day and you can’t just wake up and think “oh it’ll all fall into place” – I WISH. It is work and yes it sucks that it is work to stay healthy – physically, mentally, and emotionally at work, but no one else is going to do it for you!

So I am going to take a shower, listen to some podcasts, and cook to relax before I go to bed. Because granted I am dripping snot everywhere I have to take care of myself too. And prep for the canoe race I am going to dominate tomorrow at work 😉

Happy Healthy Working!!!!!!!

xx Mira


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