Workout Wednesday Recap

So awhile ago I won an entry into the Twin Cities 10 miler and the funny thing about that is everyone has different thoughts on the distance. Some people are like “oh only 10 miles?” and then there are people who are like “yuck 10 miles, I could never” and then there is me who thinks “hmm 10 miles seems like a good attainable goal to start with – not super easy, so challenging, but won’t kill me or my social life like a marathon.” I keep telling myself I need to run more, I need to run more, I need to run more –  but I just love cross training. So I have dedicated 1 day a week for 6 weeks to a long run so that I am somewhat prepared. For me, I know I can physically do it, but these 10 miles are going to a mental game.

Yesterday I ran 8 miles on the tread to prep, yes you heard that right 8 miles on a treadmill, talk about boringggggg. But anyways, I do love running outside I just was too lazy to find an 7-9 mile route to run on, so treadmill it was. And let me tell you, that much time on a treadmill can make you go crazy. I have never gone through so many emotions in my life: empowered, tired, mad, happy, sad (almost to the point of tears), frustration, fist pumping and dancing, pain, ease, contentment, apathy, determination, and finally accomplishment. I think that was the longest consecutive run I have done to date and I just kept telling myself if I stop now, when will I ever finish? If you want to improve, you have to actually do things, not just think about things. So that is what kept me going.

I tried music and I tried listening to my breathing and I tried watching the news and then I tried music again. I went through listening to some of my classic jams like Matchbox Twenty, Goo Goo Dolls, Fleetwood Mac, Hootie, and mah girl Alanis then I transitioned into some top 100 pop jams and finished it out the last 30 minutes with my boyfriend Timeflies. I had a few people come up and chat with my while I was running and what I realized was – without trying to be rude – they totally killed my vibe. I was in a zone and they brought me to another zone; so now I know I need to do everything I can to stay in that zone. And finally what brought me out of the zone the most was – a fucking blister on my foot. It was so unbearable, I could feel it growing – so I took my shoes off and finished the last mile and half on the tread in socks. Yeah – I know, no support blah blah blah. But I was determined.

I finished in 86 minutes and 44 seconds, so just under an 11 minute mile (10:45/mi) – so not bad for a fairly long distance and keeping it consistent. So I didn’t 100% fuel the most adequately throughout the day so afterwards I was quite hungry. I treated myself to some gluten free pasta and chicken and then a gluten free / dairy free (close but not paleo) chocolate chip cookie and lots and lots of water – oh and a medicated Band-Aid for my blister. But that is something I want to remind people – just because you had a long or hard workout doesn’t mean you can over indulge. Fuel yourself adequately, make sure you are taking in ENOUGH food but you aren’t eating too much. My biggest thing right now for eating that I am focusing on is – stopping when I am full. I know the last bite is the best bite, but sometimes you don’t really need it.

Anyways I know not everyone is someone who wants to hop on a treadmill and just run for an hour and half – so I have included a circuit workout for you to enjoy 🙂 It looks like a lot but I swear it’s not that bad 🙂

Werk It Full Body Blast

do 12 reps of each exercise + cardio & repeat 3x

  1. weighted step ups on bench (each leg)
  2. side squats onto the bench
  3. bunny hops
  4. curtsy lunge (each leg)
  5. decline pushup
  6. bosu burpees (or belly flop burpees)
  7. bosu situps (or double crunch)
  8. curl to press
  9. lateral lunges
  10. tricep dip
  11. snap jump + plank jack combo (1 of each is a rep)
  12. squat jumps on the bench
  13. plank toe taps
  14. x-jumps
  15. v-ups

after you finish one round do 1 minute cardio blast – can be anything such as jumping jacks, high knees, burpees,  sprints, jump squats, skaters – anything to get that heart rate up 😉

Now don’t forget to refuel appropriately (and not just a ton of gluten free cookies and chips and guac) and rehydrate with lots of water 🙂

xx Mira



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