Fresh Start September

Raise your hand if you are someone who will eat a cinnamon roll and then say “but my diet starts tomorrow!”…. GUILTY… Raise your hand if you are someone who will decide to go to happy hour instead of going for a run after work because nachos and a marg just sound soooo good… GUILTY… Raise your hand if you have ever regretted a workout… *crickets*…. Raise your hand if you have ever regretted eating that deliciously healthy home cooked meal…. *crickets*  Do you see a pattern here? We always regret the things we KNOW we are going to regret in advance… Currently do I regret drinking this double espresso latte at 8pm on Saturday with no intentions of going to the bar and have to be up at 730am tomorrow… Most likely. What I don’t regret though is finally sitting down and hashing out a plan. (Wow – I’d like to apologize in advance for the amount of times I just said the word regret; I clearly just finished a post break up journal entry… LOL LOVE WILL GET YA)…

Okay, I will say it one last time – the point of this “Fresh Start September” is so that you don’t have to REGRET  (don’t get mad at me ) anything anymore. Fresh Start September, I can capitalize and make it a proper noun and abbreviate it to #FSS right? Okay, decision made. So #FSS is all about that “tomorrow” day. I read a nike ad in college that said “Yesterday you said tomorrow” and as cheesy as it is (and by now you have probably realized I am a secret cheeseball) – it is true and that mantra fucking worked for me. And the best thing was it was for all purposes. EXAMPLES: Yesterday I said I was going to workout today – so I should. Yesterday I said I would ACTUALLY read for class – So I should. Yesterday I said I would grocery shop and run errands and clean and be a semi adult – Okay fine. Yesterday I said I would only drink one bottle of wine – Okay never mind, not true in ALL situations. But you get the point.

So I recently received the book Fed and Fit by Cassy Joy Garcia – who if you haven’t subscribed to her blog Fed & Fit already, you should.  Which I definitely pre-ordered in February when I knew she was releasing a book and it came two weeks ago and I am in love. Obviously I got it because her recipes are amazing and Juli Bauer, my queen, from PaleOMG is featured. Fed and Fit is a 28-day food and fitness plan and it includes so many helpful tips about recipes, lifestyle, sleep, nutrition, and mental wellness. So while I might not be following her book to tee for #FSS, it is the guideline – a framework to my plan for success. What the book talks about is following her plan for 28 days and then figuring out what works for you, because not fitness and health is not one size fits all. And what I love most about the book, minus Juli Bauer being in it (#womencrusheveryday) and amazingly delicious recipes, but the focus on wellness and mindset. Working out is 80% mental and 20% physical. Your body can keep going, but it is your brain that is saying stop. So working on those mental blockages not just for fitness and health but for your life, your work, your relationships is soooo important and I love that aspect. That is definitely a weaker aspect in my life, as many of you know I am a complete nut job most of the time, saying the wrong thing at the wrong time unapologetically and seeming as if I have snorted 2 adderall right before I arrived.

My plan for Fresh Start September isn’t simple and I am not going to explain the specifics of the nutritional aspect. 1. Because everyone has their own opinion on nutrition and I am not a dietician or a registered nutritionist – I am just a food blogging junkie. 2. What might work for me – might not work for you  – and it honestly might not even work for me. Like the one time I went paleo for two months and had a burger and sweet potato fries on date night – let’s just say date night ended earlier than expected (lol no wonder we aren’t together anymore – jk lol – DON’T LET YOUR DIET RUIN YOUR RELATIONSHIP – THAT WAS A JOKE!!!) 3. This is the main reason. You will get bored of reading it. Next are my rules/guidelines/framework for my #FSS Plan – but here is a disclaimer – September 9-12 I am going to Ann Arbor, MI and all bets are off while I am there.


  • Run  10+ miles a week (mind you I am training for 10 miler than I have yet to start training for…..
  • Including the running – workout 5x a week – switching it up between running, strength, intervals, yoga, and maybe even Cardio Hip Hop (shoutout @arielleshanker)
  • Wine only and limit it – with the occassional beer/cider and limited tequila
  • Track my shit – actually track it – sleep, activity, food – all that good stuff and keep track of my triumphs and failures
  • FOOD – aka eat healthy  – no processed food, no binging, follow MY guidelines … etc… blah blah blah – eat clean – you get it
  • Be kind to myself – it is okay to fail but don’t make excuses
  • Be kind to others
  • Kick ass! Because you and me – we are all bad asses (in the good way mom, I swear)

And to wrap up my long winded, late night post – a word from my future husband….


xx Mira


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