When In Doubt – Run It Out

Do you hate running? Would you rather die than go running? Do you hate watching people run and think mean things in your head about them as they go by? Don’t think you are alone. I am not one of those people but I definitely used to. And then I started running my junior year a college and never turned back. And by running I mean legit running, not elliptical-ing! Don’t be fooled, it is NOT the same.

You have to first find your reason to start running, just like any other reason to work out. Is it because you want to lose weight? You are training for a race? You need to de-stress after work? There are so many reasons to run! I started running, just plain running my junior year of college. I did this because I was going to be studying abroad second semester and there was no way I was going to pay for a gym membership abroad, but I knew I wasn’t ready to just run. I had to train my body to run outside and I found it a really nice way to explore outer parts of campus that I never had been to before. Also it was a big plus that I had a huge crush on my hottie neighbor – so running around in spandex after class everyday was a good way to get noticed 😉

Anyways – back to running. You just have to start. Start slow. Be patient. Run a few blocks, then walk a few blocks and keep that up until you don’t need to walk anymore. Run the same path a few times and then the next time, add a few blocks on, and then a few more, and then some more. But like I said, you just have to start. Build a killer playlist, get on your favorite workout pants, and just hit the road.

I recently read “Shut Up and Run” by Robin Arzon- that book will get you moving. That is the type of inspirational shit we need in our lives.  It is a very cool book that I would describe as a “resource” – it isn’t an autobiography, it isn’t a training guide, and it isn’t just a motivational book – it is all of it combined into one. So basically it is awesome!!! The book has great motivational quotes, amazing tips and tricks for running and training, eclectic stories, and just overall makes you really want to shut up and run!! Even if you aren’t into running but want to get your butt kicked back into gear – I highly recommend it just for a health and fitness kick in the ass.

So while I am on a being all motivated and ish kick for running – I know that just getting out and running sucks for a lot of people. One of the best ways to mix it up is INTERVALS. Keeping them short and constantly changing prevents boredom of the mind and keeps your muscles guessing and allowing you to break out of a plateau. So here is a quick – 45 minute – treadmill workout that will leave you sweaty and hopefully feeling like you can kick some serious butt now. (I also included a quick plank workout at the end in case you want to cool down and work on those 6pack abs that will always be hidden behind cookies and wine for me).

Interval Training Treadmill Workout!!!!!!

0-5 minutes – warmup (a pace you can maintain for 30+ minutes)

2 minute – speed push (increase speed from your base – it is a challenge but not exhaustive)

1 minute – base pace

2 minute – speed push

1 minute – base pace

1 minute – speed push

1 minute – all out sprint

1 minute -walking recovery

2 minute – hill push (increase incline between 4-8%)

1 min – base pace

90 second – hill push

1 min – base pase

45 second – hill push

45 second – hill sprint (increase either incline or speed or both 😉 )

1 minute – walking recovery

1 minute – hill sprint

30 second – walking recovery

1 minute – speed sprint

30 second- walking recovery

1 minute – hill sprint

1 minute – walking recovery

NOW REPEAT – but switch it so hills becomes sprints and sprints become hills!!! ENJOY 🙂

Quick Plank Circuit – TWICE

1 minute – plank hold

30 second – side plank

1 minute – reverse plank hold

30 second – side plank

1 minute – plank hold

1 minute – rest

xx Mira



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