ClassPass Review + Why I am more than OK with how I look + Killer BW Circuit

As my month of trying out ClassPass comes to end, I have learned a few things about not just classpass and fitness, but myself. New experiences lead to new lessons and I know my last post was a cheeseball fest so I will try to tone it down for this one 😉

ClassPass Review

 For someone who has a normal 8-5 job and commutes 20-40 minutes I found ClassPass really difficult to work into my schedule. There are so many options and cool studios or classes to try, but with trying new places there is the added factor of having to find the studio and arriving early so you aren’t that person who walks in late and has no idea what’s going on. I am someone who HAS to be early when it’s something new or else I’ll freak out and not go in if it’s already started sooooo I had to give myself enough time to get lost and to ask the front desk too many questions. I found it too difficult to coordinate my schedule with the studio locations and while there are a ton of options only certain times before and after work fit in my schedule and it was too chaotic for me to organize.

While there are so many fun workouts to try I would only recommend it for people who have the ease of time in their schedule. If I was back to waitressing full time it would be perfect because I didn’t work until 12 or 4pm most days. Fitting within the constraints of my work schedule and only allowing yourself 3x per month at the same studio – it was too much coordinating for getting a workout in. I loved all the studios I tried, but I live in a constant state of stress to begin with and working out is supposed to release my stress not cause it. So while in theory it is a great idea to try out studios and classes, long term I wouldn’t last. My suggestion – find a studio you love and commit. You will build stronger relationships with instructors and members that way which will positively affect your fitness journey.

Finally I am happy I woke up like this….

Which brings me to my “fitness journey” or as I would say “personal wellness journey” because it isn’t all about just being physically fit, but mentally strong too. I workout for a multitude of reasons – #1. STRESS #2. Strength. Power. Endurance. 3. The personal acceptance that I CAN DO IT and that I AM ENOUGH. (hint *mantras – mantras – mantras*). 4. General health and wellness – sleep, heart condition, aging. blah blah boring stuff blah. 5. Who doesn’t want to look good naked?…

So I am going to focus on reason #5. As most girls do I grew up always wanting to lose 5 lb, 10lb, 22lbs, whatever amount I thought would make me look good. And let me tell you – it isn’t all about how you look and the number of lbs you weigh. It is about you feel and the strength you have. I used to always be insecure, especially when going to different fitness classes or gyms and every crazy girl thought would go through my head “Will they think I am fat?” “Am I fit enough for this class?” “What if I can’t keep up and they just think I am that out of shape loser girl?” “When I bend over does my stomach roll?” Seriously!!! I get crazy anxious and self conscious and then I realized – that shit doesn’t matter. I am enough. I am there and that is what matters. I showed up and I am working on bettering myself. If I am working to my max, it doesn’t matter what the girl next to me’s max is and if I am better than her. If I am better than the me I was yesterday, then that is enough.

So back to bodyweight and body image. I used to always think “that girl is so skinny – I want to be like her” and I would look at girl with stick skinny figures envying them, wanting to be like them. That isn’t me and that will never be me. I have curves, good curves, GOD DAMN GOOD CURVES. And what I realized over the past few months is that I like my curves. I like having a booty and I like getting compliments on my figure. I won’t be a stick figure, model and I don’t want to be.

I have a good ass, some “child bearing hips” as my ex used to say, and I can fill a D-cup. Are there things I want to improve? Yes. Are there goals I have? Yes. But does that mean I am not happy with my body? No way. Everyone has their days when they feel fat or gross or ugly but that is okay. You have to take the good with the bad sometimes. Do I wish I had a flat stomach and skinny toned arms? Duh. But would I trade the fact that I can run and lift a ton for skinny stick legs and no hips? No. So be happy with what you have and make the most of it.

I realized when I went to a new gym this week that I’m not nervous anymore. I am strong and I know it. I am there to do my best – and maybe I am not the skinniest girl in the class or the strongest or fastest one there – but I am there and I feel damn good about it. Plus my ass looks real good in those yoga pants 😉

I have included a super cute selfie of me before a hiit sculpt class @ physical culture in edina (which kicked ass) and a bodyweight workout for you to sweat it out for an hour.

Bodyweight Total Body Circuit

10 —–> 1

Complete 10 reps of each exercise, then 9, then 8, all the way til 1.

lunge to knee up (right)

snap jump to plank jack


laydown pushups


superman lat pulls

lunge to knee up (left)


touchdown squats

mountain climbers

Leg Blast

20 reps of each twice

lunge hold and pulse

lunge to glute kickback

curtsy lunge to side leg lift

sumo squat to calf raise

table top glute foot stamp

table top leg lift

sumo squat to lunge to sumo squat to lunge

Core Blast

30 seconds of each twice


side plank (right)

russian twist

double crunch

plank swivel hip dips

toe reaches

half crunch pulses

side plank (left)


And you know what – you did it! You are enough, because you showed up. So we will give you a break leave arms for another day 😉

xx Mira

p.s   I am accepting new workout song ideas or playlists at all times…. aka please send me songs that make you werk werk werk werk werk







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