You Do You Girl Because No One Else Can

So this isn’t really about fitness or food or being healthy or not being healthy, but this is all about you. You create your destiny and you decide who you are going to be. You wake up every day and have a decision to make and that decision is who do you want to be.

I know it is easy to become jealous of other people and the life they live, or their life per instagram. So yeah sometimes I look at instapics and think to myself “damn, that person ran a half marathon before I did even got out of bed and damn it I am so hungover.” So while I am jealous of the person, internally it really is just me acknowledging I want to and I can do better. I can be that person so isn’t hungover as shit on a sunday and can wake up and run a half, but I have to do it. I actually have to train, I have to not drink an excessive amount of grape apes and water moccasins and I am the only one who can make myself do it. So if you are jealous of your friend who is always traveling or doing fun activities – you can do that too. Yeah sometimes money is tight and you can’t do the extravagant trip to Europe – but you can go to the lake and have a picnic with your friends or go hiking in your town or find a fun, cheap activity.

Everything is what you put into it. So if you are looking at people thinking how jealous you are of them, think about what you can do to make yourself better. *side note – things like super cute clothes, nice car, and fancy things that are expensive, if you can’t afford that ish that’s okay, you can be envious, but don’t let it consume you. I am talking more about lifestyle and personal things, not material items* Don’t get me wrong I have a good amount of handbag envy going on, but that isn’t what this is about.

Is one of your friends always doing cool events, is in a club, or has cool hobbies and somehow has all these new friends? My friend Molly is the queen of stuff like that – shout out to Molly and her art studio hobby. But seriously, step out of your comfort zone and start doing cool shit. I am always super nervous in new scenarios, but I started volunteering and making friends at my gym and through those two things I have heard about more opportunities for activities and clubs and extra curriculars and it totally paid off! It’s okay to be weird and go to events alone – just be yourself and people will love you, especially when you put yourself out there and feel vulnerable. Being in that vulnerable state is where you grow the most and for me where I have made very good friends!

Only you can make improvements on your own life, so don’t be w woulda, coulda, shoulda who sits around and throws yourself a pity party. Don’t be jealous of people, make people jealous of you. Do what you want. Don’t wish and hope for things – go out and do it !!!

xx Mira


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