ClassPass Pt. 1 – scoping the scene

So in efforts to start taking care of myself again (and mourning the loss of my OTF membership *tears*) I caved and I bought the intro offer for classpass! Hey, $30 for a month of unlimited classes isn’t bad so I was PUMPED to see what it was all about. So far I am 1 week in and still trying to figure it out. You can only go to the same gym a limited amount of times per month, so if I end up LOVING a studio I can only go there so many times which is kind of a bummer. BUT there are so many options to choose from! So now it is all about scheduling…. So that is another hard part. But I am working on seeing if it works for me and if it is feasible to keep staying on classpass, or just to cave and buy a monthly pass to somewhere, or just stick with the good old YMCA. (side note I have had a free membership at the YMCA since I was 17 so as they say, old habits die hard).

Class 1: Core Circuit @ CorePower

As I have said many times before, I am not a yogi, nor will I ever be a yogi. I am into the “fitness” yoga – so please don’t talk about finding my third eye because I will think I have a zit in the middle of my forehead, and thus spiraling into a world of anxiety for the next hour of this “guided relaxation”. I have been to CorePower before and I dig their style so when I saw they had a circuit style class, I said SIGN ME UP! I am a self proclaimed Burpee Queen, or at least that is what I tell my bootcamp classes. So I walk into a room that was previously used for a hot yoga class, so for an “unheated” class, it was HOT! I was dripping sweat everywhere and it was amazing. The class has the same style every time you go just different exercises. It is nice to know what to expect, but at same time a little variety would be appreciated. So as a classpass user who wouldn’t be attending everyday I wouldn’t mind it! The format was 4 stations, each with 3 exercises – 45 seconds on, 5 seconds off, of 3 different exercises and then a 45 second cardio blast, rotating through the stations each 3 times. On a scale of 1 – 10, I would give this class a 7!


Class 2 : [solidcore]

It is just as it sounds, you need a solid fucking core. While I am used to high intensity, jumping, running, biking, heavy breathing, I am not used to small, isolation of the muscle groups. At solidcore you use a pilates reformer targeting the whole body throughout the class but with little pulses and slow movements and lots of holding. Imagine planking and rocking back and forth and back and forth, for 5 minutes. Try that – three times in a row before you move to the next muscle group. I barely broke a sweat, but omgosh was I wobbly afterwards. This is the type of class that during you think “if I don’t have abs by tomorrow….” Oh and they had lots of mirrors to look at yourself, which I oddly love staring at myself during workouts and the instructor was super upbeat and very hands-on with great music! On a scale of 1 -10, I would give this class an 8.5!

Class 3 : Surge Sculpt @ Surge Cycle

Coming from a beloved spinner, who was crazy enough to name her dog after to spin studio in Ann Arbor (shout out to Real Ryder and my little cutie Ryder), Surge Cycle was my jam! Adding sculpt into a cycle class is something that is new to me and I completely loved it! The women at the studio were amazingly friendly and welcoming, I felt right at home. The cycle room has no windows and the instructor on a podium in the front with mirrors behind them. I chose the front row because 1. I get very distracted by watching the other people in front of me in fitness classes. 2. I am conceited and want to look at myself in the mirror – a girls gotta watch her form. It was such a high energy class, with amazing music and the instructor can turn the lights up and down and change the accent colors on the back walls; it is also a black light room so my shorts were glowing! We alternated between pure hills and sprint drills and then some sculpt songs. With the sculpt you use little hand weights and do pulsing arm movements, working the arms and shoulders and using that core! It is a great compliment to the cardio and leg workout cycle can be, then you actually can get a full body workout in! My favorite part of Surge Cycle is that it truly is a workout on a bike – which is what I love. So can go from sitting and doing pushups on the bike, to standing up and sprinting, and then leaning side to side engaging that core – like you’re dancing on the bike 🙂 In short: intoxicating music and atmosphere, amazing instructors, high energy, and a challenging, sweaty workout that is definitely worth a try. On a scale of 1-10, Surge Cycle gets a 10!!! WOOOOOT


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