Bringing your lunch is cool!

Remember in high school when buying your lunch was cool and bringing a brown bag lunch was for total squares? I think that stigma of brown bag lunches needs to disappear because honestly if I could still have a sandwich with the crust cut off and cute note written on a napkin from my mom, I would LOVE that. “Have a great day punkin xox Mom” And they always sign it, as if someone else was writing me some sincere note in my lunchbox. Side note – K-8 my school didn’t have hot lunch, so we HAD to bring home lunches, so in high school I went a little too hard on the pizza and always warm chocolate chip cookies. Whoops!

But now you’re an adult and you feel weird bringing a bag lunch to work and using the fridge, having to go and heat it up. It is always such a process but it is so worth it. If the options are a homemade, healthy, delicious meal vs. sub par, greasy, slightly don’t know how long it is been sitting in the window food – which would you choose? And packing your lunch can definitely save some money!

So here are some ways to make bringing your lunch to work fun and easy!!

  1. Get a cute lunchbox! Throw that old brown bag out and upgrade yourself girl. Make sure you get one that fits enough food though – what is the point of bag if you can’t even fit all your stuff in it? (It’s not like I’ve never heard that from my dad or my guy friends before)
  2. Get excited! Bring something you are excited to eat. If you HATE broccoli and cauliflower, why the heck would you bring it for lunch. Lunch is also a break time for you, so don’t waste it by forcing yourself to eat carrot and celery sticks if you don’t like those foods but also don’t shovel your face with cookies and chips that’ll make you happy right then, but crash at that 3pm drag time!
  3. Get creative! There are so many options and the minute you keep bringing the same old salad every day to work, the sooner you will stop bringing that salad and start buying something that is more delicious (and less healthy) than that salad. There are so many great recipes out there, so you just have to look for them!
  4. Prep it! Prepping lunch before you go to bed makes waking up and grabbing it a lot easier. So prep things that refrigerate easily or don’t need a lot of work so you can just grab it out at your desk/cafeteria and eat (aka you don’t want to bring raw chicken to work and think you can nuke it long enough)
  5. Options and portions! I never know what kind of mood I will be in, will I want fruit and yogurt or will I want chips and guac or will I want a big chicken sandwich! I never know, so I bring lots of options, but portion it out so I am not bringing the WHOLE bag of chips (because you know stopping at one handful is just too hard)
  6. Make people jealous. Don’t you want people to be jealous of your lunch? Like ooooh look over there, look at dat girl’s lunch, so has those chicken fajita bowls. As they are staring at their dry turkey wrap or extra greasy chicken finger basket that has been sitting in the window for way too long.

Side Note: If you are making a lunch for a significant other or a friend – I don’t think anyone actually hates receiving cute little notes or funny jokes in their lunch box. This is potentially a hint for someone who will make my lunch in the future…. I like notes….

Here is just a quick look at some of the food I prepped this week. Due to the fact a 3 hour bachelorette season finale and after the final rose special were on, I had 3 hours of time to just cook and prep and cook and prep and I fully took advantage of my guilty pleasure of shitty reality tv and used that time effectively. It also distracted me enough so I only cried 4 times within the 3 hours – SUCCESS.

I am the queen of trying to incorporate whatever I have left into a meal so here are my compilations for my lunches this week. Cut up pineapple and mango (delicious fruits that were super cheap because they are in season).Overnight oats with oats, almond milk, greek yogurt, chia seeds, cinnamon, vanilla extract, and a splash of honey for breakfast on the go. Shout out to @arielleshanker for changing my life and introducing me to the world of overnight oats.   Whole wheat pasta dish with zucchini, onions, tomatoes, spinach, garlic, and a tomato basil sauce. Finally a breakfast burrito hodgepodge including kidney beans, black beans, onions, green bell pepper, scallions, carrots, scrambled eggs, and tons of spices to go with a Mexican brown rice (brown rice cooked with spices like cumin, chili powder, garlic powder, and paprika). Now that I have my meals prepped, I can relax with my summer shandy, box of tissues, and the proposal scene of the bachelorette.



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