Goals: How to just keep swimming, just keep swimming

I know I had disappeared for awhile but don’t let you guys mistake that for I forgot my goals. So while everyone has different goals I have some tips and tricks on goal setting and how to make it sustainable. Have you ever been like “I am going on a diet!!!” And for breakfast and lunch you eat really healthy and then by dinner time you are two rows deep in a box of oreos? Well not speaking from experience or anything, but yes that has totally happened to me before.

So step 1. Be realistic. You aren’t going to lose 10lbs in a two weeks, you aren’t going to fit into those jeans by tomorrow, if you can barely run a mile – don’t try to run a 5k. If you’re drunk – don’t run a 5k. That is a tip from experience. Well I didn’t necessarily run because I was ridiculously distracted by the beautiful scenery. Save the drinking for after the run. But in all seriousness, be realistic with yourself. If you never workout, starting out trying to workout 7 days a week and trying to keep up with your other fit friends might not be the best idea.

Step 2. Start small. Set yourself up for success!! You can always add on, you can always tone it up, but you want feel successful don’t you? No one likes to fail, so pace yourself. If you need breaks – take breaks, catch your breath, and drink water. If you eat a ton of junk food and sweets – cut things out slowly. Maybe go with cookies and candy one week, then add on pop, then add on chips and dip, and slowly you’ll be a clean eater (who has some lapses when people bring chips and fiesta ranch dip to kickball).

Step 3. Be exact and clear. The more vague your goal is, the more vague your results will be. Goals shouldn’t be “I will eat healthier” or “I want to workout more”. Take your goal and elaborate. “I won’t eat processed foods and I plan to incorporate x amount of fruit/veggies a day.” “I plan to run 3x a week and strength train 3x a week” – So make a plan. I always like to write mine out on a piece of paper and even if I don’t follow it exactly to a tee but keep it in my bag as a constant reminder of what I am working towards.

Step 4. Hold yourself accountable. Tell someone! Take before and after pictures. Yes yes yes, I know you are all thinking – ugh no I don’t want to be one of those girls. Those girls who post side by side selfies on instagram every week #progress. But if that is what works for you, you do you girl. That is not what works for me but I also don’t shut up about my goals to my friends. So do something that keeps you on track. Do you have that one bitch of a friend who will always tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear? (haaaaay Alexa) So if she sees you eating a cookie, she will say “is that #paleo?” And make you feel like a cheating loser. Yes that friend. Find her. And hold onto her! But also find the friend (or cute boy 😉 ) that will say “Wow, it really shows you’ve been working hard #datassgurlllll.” Your goals are a big part of who you are, so be proud of what you are working for.

Step 5. Find your WHY. Why are you doing this? What is your end goal? Do you want to be a faster runner? Do you want to be stronger? Do you want a phat ass? Do you want more self confidence? Do you want to wear that hot dress and feel as hot as you look? Do you need to destress? I will tell you I am a BALL OF STRESS. I needed to exercise to get rid of all that energy. But whatever your goal is – whether it is weight loss, mental wellness, general health and fitness, meeting friends, developing a hobby, or getting #revengebody – remember WHY and don’t you forget it!!

Step 6. Be a badass. But go easy on yourself because humans make mistakes and that is okay. You might fail, but that isn’t the end. You might be doing great, so don’t stop!! Don’t get down on yourself if you are struggling, keep pushing. Through the struggle is where you find your inner strength and you grow. So that is my mushy sappy cheesy moment. But I am going to close with some quotes from one of my favorite bad-ass woman who inspires me (disclosure: super nerdy and lame).

CHRISTINA YANG (yes, from Grey’s Anatomy) – has some of the most empowering quotes so here you go! Let them resonate and help you find your own mantras, your own quotes that keep you moving.

Quote Corner

“Don’t let what he wants eclipse what you need. He’s very dreamy, but he’s not the sun. You are!” – granted this isn’t about a boy (well it could be), but basically don’t let what people want from you, leave you forgetting about yourself because you’re it, you’re the shit!

“If you want crappy things to stop happening to you, then stop accepting crap and demand something more!” – Don’t devalue yourself. Don’t settle. Demand more.

“There comes a point where it all becomes too much. When we get too tired to fight anymore. So we give up. That’s when the real work begins, to find hope where there seems to be absolutely none at all.”

xx Mira


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