Faves of the Moment

Right now I have a lot of “favorite” things to be thankful for! I have been working on my gratitude and consciously thinking people or experiences I am thankful to have in my life. While it might be as little as I got a fabulous new water bottle I love, or I am planning a trip to visit my bestie Alexa in Michigan, stopping and thinking about all of these wonderful things helps you realize all the amazing things you have in your life! So I have a listen of tangible and non-tangible things, because hey sometimes I like pretty clothes too!

Adult League Kickball. I have nothing but awesome things to say about my kickball team. We are a rag tag team with minimal legitimate athletic experience but exceptional energy and entertainment skills. We are called the Drunk Skunks and we are exactly what you think a co-ed group of 15 20-30 year olds look like. Always playing with a beer in hand and a witty comeback. What my favorite thing about our team right now is that we are usually considered to be a lay-up team (we prefer to enjoy the game vs take it too seriously) but right now we are UNDEFEATED!!! 4-0!!! What’s that smell?!? That’s us!!!

Charcoal Masks! If anyone has a suggestion for one that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg I would love to try it. I have recently tried the dermalogica brand! It was amazing, my face felt so tight and so clean afterwards. Definitely adding it to my Christmas list!

It Is Okay To Laugh (And Crying Is Cool Too!) by Nora Purmort. If anyone wants a good, quick read (or easy listen to those of you do who audio books) I highly recommend this book! Nora is from the Twin Cities and the book is about her husband who passed away from cancer and just everything going on in her life. She makes something like terminal cancer fun to read about. I loved listening to all of her stories and anecdotes on life. The biggest take away I got from her book is no one knows what they are doing in life, whether it is a good situation or a shitty situation. So don’t worry about doing the wrong thing, as long as you do something – that is okay! So if you think you are the only one who is lost in the world, just realize no one else knows what the fuck is going on either!

Audible! So I caved and bought an audible subscription because I suck at reading! I love to read, but by the time I have some down time to pick up a book and read, I am exhausted and 3 pages in I am knocked out. So listening to audiobooks while I am driving, cooking, running, at the park with the dog, or cleaning my room is the best way for me to get some listening in. It sounds weird, but who didn’t love getting read to as a child? If you don’t say you did, then you are a liar. Everyone loves being read to – so I am getting read to, just by strangers! It is amazing! And I feel mentally more stimulated than when I just listen to the same 12 songs on repeat. Which brings me to my next favorite…

Lemonade by Beyoncé. Talk about airing some dirty laundry and making millions on it. But seriously, downloading Lemonade while going through a breakup is a total heart break help. TELL EM BOY BYE! Enough said, all hail Bey.

StitchFix! So I love shopping and I love shopping for athletic clothes and bar clothes, what I hate shopping for is “business casual” clothes. I always think of women in pant suits and stuffy old lady clothing so I turned to Stitch Fix to help me find new clothes for my new big girl job. Stitch Fix is a service where you answer a ton of questions regarding your style and your size and your price range and they will send you a box of clothes. You pay for what you keep and you send back what you don’t want. I have never not loved everything, and now I look fabulous at my new job.

Grilling! It is summer time, so get outside, get the grill set up, have a beer (or 5) and grill some meat, some veggies, and enjoy the weather. I have been grilling a ton lately whether it is brats, burgers, chicken, onions, or sweet potatoes. Season it up and pop it on the grill and bam! You can make quick, healthy, and fun meals while enjoying the weather!

xx Mira




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