Where has the summer gone? And me?

Hi! I have been on quite the hiatus but now we should be back and ready with tons of action for you! I could just backdate a ton of posts and look like I was keeping up with things for the past couple months, but I believe that sometimes it is okay to take breaks from things and to kind of drop off for a little while. So here is my explanation for what has been going on in the past three-ish months.

About four months ago I picked up a second job at Cowboy Jacks, a hopping bar in Minneapolis. It has been so much fun, I have met so many great girls, and have had my fair share of beer and shots in the past couple months. So working at a bar leads to unhealthy habits – not just with food and drinking, but sleeping! I was sleeping odd hours, skimping on workouts because working at a 3 floor bar with the kitchen in the basement and the office in the SECOND basement is a lot of exercise! Although it shouldn’t have been an excuse, it was.

Then I have transitioned out my position with Orangetheory Fitness and got a big girl job at a health insurance company. Working an 8-5 is quite the adjustment when you are used to working out at 10am on Tuesday and grocery shopping at noon on a Wednesday. So figuring out my schedule and still making time for working out, healthy habits, and hanging out with my dog and friends was a lot of work! I am loving my job currently which is great because working an 8-5 is exhausting! I am so used to having an active job and always moving, but I never knew how much sitting at a desk all day can tire you out. Phew.

And then I have two more changes going on as well – one is fun and one is not so fun! Life has been busy, wow. We will start with the not so fun. So my boyfriend and I broke up which is a huge bummer. It was very amicable which I guess is the best way for things to happen, but it still hurts a lot and losing that relationship with someone you care about is never easy. And then I moved! While it isn’t far from where I previously lived, it is a much nicer building with a park right across the street for my dog, a beautiful grocery store in the parking lot, tons of grills, amenities, and A POOL!

With all of that said – a lot has been going on! And what I realized is that through all the changes (good and bad), I was dealing with a lot emotional and mental stress and I just wasn’t taking care of myself in the best way. Yes hanging out with my friends after work and going to happy hours and staying out late on work nights and eating greasy wings was fun and making me forget about my work stress and my broken heart – but it wasn’t treating my body right. For me, when I don’t treat my body right it affects my mental state – so take care of your whole self, not just bits and pieces.

I will listen to Ted Talks that are all about the power of saying YES! So say yes to everything! Open your life up and take chances when you usually wouldn’t. Then there are the opposite views, all about the power of saying NO! And doing what you want and not apologizing for it. But what I believe is a mix of both. You do you girlfriend. So if it is something that is out of your comfort zone a little bit and you would usually say no, say yes! But if your friends are going out and you really want to take a night to relax, do a face mask, and hang out with your dog – say no. Whatever helps you take care of yourself while also growing as a person. That is my preachy moment of the day.

What I haven’t been slacking on is writing workouts and preparing for taking care of myself. So now I am ready! I have workouts planned, my job is great, my dog is great, I bought class pass to try out (so I will have plenty of workout recaps coming your way), I got a stitchfix for work clothes, Nordstrom anniversary sale is going on, and I am signed up for the Twin Cities 10 miler in October. Now all I need is a few more hot workout songs and I will be ready to hit the ground running, literally. It won’t be long until you hear from me next!!

xx Mira



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