April Activities

For the month of January and February we did a weight loss challenge at work so I was working out solely at Orangetheory almost everyday. Then March came and I kind of rode it out for the first two-three weeks still on that track and then I definitely fizzled down. So in April I decided to try some new activities to switch it up. Also my boyfriend has been traveling for work for roughly the past 4-5 weeks so I decided I can focus on me and my health because I know we will be going to get beer and burgers as soon as he comes back. So I have been all over the place trying new workouts or groups and just trying things out!


Aerial Aerobics @ Stomping Ground!

This is a studio I have tried once before because they always offer great groupons! My friends and I purchased a groupon. There are two options for classes you can either do lyra (or hoop) or you can do tissue (or silks). The classes are fun and great to go to with friends because it is hard so you spend some time in between the moves. It is a lot of personal bodyweight strength. So if you’re good at pull-ups and holding your own bodyweight then you’d probably rock this. I personally like the tissue classes more than the hoop – I found the metal hoop pretty painful when my legs and arms were looped around it. I think the versatility with the tissue and all the things you can do is pretty cool. In class you basically feel like you’re in Cirque De Soleil. My takeaway was it is fun to do with your friends, you get a pretty cool pic for the instagram, but it isn’t really a workout for the hour you are doing it. You can definitely get really amazing at it and make it a workout but for me it was more of a social hour activity. Definitely worth a shot to try it out, but if you plan on skipping your morning run before it – still run.

BBG Meetup

For anyone who follows Kayla Itsines you are probably already familiar with the #bbgcommunity. And if you don’t follow Kayla Itsines, you should. The Beach Body Guide is a fitness plan created for women to not just strengthen them and help them get fit but to feel empowered. A lot of cities will do Meetups, where girls come and run their own BBG circuit. These meetups are meant not just to get a good workout in, but to meet people who have similar goals as you and to make friends!

My friend Elle and I went to one last week for the Twin Cities BBG Meetup group. It was a fun experience! All the girls were super friendly and they made it fun with music and prize giveaways at the end. A bunch of the girls went to brunch afterwards but Elle and I passed so we could get our days going. We also love Kayla and the Beach Body Guides but we don’t follow it week by week like most girls, we use it more as a supplement so we felt slightly like posers. We just wanted to meet nice girls and get a good sweat in. The only con was we definitely could’ve worked harder. Because it was a social situation that led to a lot of chit chat during the workout which is fine, but when Elle and I do BBG we mean business! Definitely a great group of girls in the Twin Cities and we will definitely give it another try!

90 minute Hot Yoga @ CorePower

I know that I have already talked about my experience at CorePower and general amusement with yoga but I know my body needs it every so often so I try to make it happen. A week ago it was raining and gross and I was on my way home from OTF and Cece invited me to go to hot yoga with her and I was like sure why not. My body could use a good stress release and sweat and stretch sesh. Well she didn’t tell me it was a whole 90 minutes. I would say after 30 minutes of yoga I can usually call it a day. But OMG this class was so typical yoga – focus on your breath. It was just me and my mat (and all those other sweaty, mouth breathers and their mats). It wasn’t a yoga class where you flow through the movements like vinyasa; it was 26 poses and you hold them all twice. While we were laying down I could feel the sweat pooling in my ear and I started to wipe it out frantically. It did not go away. That was the end of any “zen” I had going on. I powered through it an made through the 90 minute class, but I learned I am not made for a 90 minute yoga class yet. Let’s start with 30-60 minutes and call it good.

Warrior Sculpt #SteveoSculpt @ Lifetime Fitness

For those of you who live in the Twin Cities, I have an ungodly obsession with the Dave Ryan in the Morning Show. I literally think all of them are my friends. Falen will sometimes host Falen’s Fit Club where they have a group fitness class at Lifetime Fitness and a healthy happy hour after. I went to her last one which was a cycle class and obvi loved it. But I love the loud music pounding and the more non-traditional biking classes. But this time it was Steve-o who was hosting a class and he was hosting Warrior Sculpt aka Steveo Sculpt. It is yoga + strength + cardio in  a lightly heated room. Out of the 4 experience this was for sure my favorite! Good music to keep you moving. Pretty fast paced, especially for yoga and flowing through the movements and making it challenging. The instructors were amazing as well! They spoke about the practice but in a much more realistic way and made it super relatable. Fun was a big focus of the class so the music was pounding and dancing was definitely encouraged. I got a great sweat on and felt really empowered after the class! I definitely definitely would loveeeee to do it again. Best way to get me to do some stretching and yoga – add some music bumping music and a little bit of heat. Plus there were smoothies afterwards which helped 🙂

I still have a few more places I want to try: Pure Barre, The FIRM, Surge Cycling, CycleBar, 6 Degrees, and soon free yoga at the lakes start 🙂 So hopefully this summer will be filled with more fitness exploration!!







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