Schedule Changes and How To Adjust

Hey! I have been all over the place, mentally and physically, so this post is trying to piece that together. I recently picked up a second job at a bar, which means long, late hours. My schedule is now all over the place – I still have the early early mornings at the gym and then I have some late late nights at the bar. As long as they aren’t back to back it works out. Sometimes they end up being an early morning mixed with late night and woof the next morning is rough let me tell you. So I have been trying to figure out a better nap and sleep schedule along with keeping up with my eating habits (lately a BIG FAIL) and still getting my workouts in!

I will admit my eating habits definitely could use some improvement lately; but that issue has been addressed. Don’t worry my jeans already told me 🙂 While I still have been getting about 4 workouts in a week, I know I still need a little more, but I am being patient with myself as I navigate this ever changing schedule. Being patient is key with this! Getting mad at myself or thinking self-deprecating thoughts because I didn’t get 6 work outs in isn’t going to help. So I just need to focus on getting them in and sometimes it is okay to take a break 🙂

I know I am not the only person who works a crazy weird, not 9-5 job, and has an ever changing schedule so I have some quick tips and tricks to help you stay motivated and active and healthy while battling the struggle of the schedule.

  • Stay Motivated!!! Don’t get down on yourself because you missed a day or two. Make sure that you remember it is never the end and you can keep working, keep pushing towards your goals.
  • Stay Strong!! Sometimes it is easy to give into temptations, especially at new offices when they have fully stocked fridges, or if you are always in your car and that drive through looks soooo good right now. It is hard to pass up those temptations. I work at a bar so french fries and chips are readily available at all times so I will be the first to tell you it is tough. But remember why your goals are your goals. And that brings me to my next point….
  • BE PREPARED!!! Bring snacks, HEALTHY snacks. Bring water, lots of water. Prep your meals ahead of time so you can grab things and go. Make sure you have clothes set out – especially workout clothes. If you have a bag packed you are more likely to make that stop at the gym on the way home.
  • Sleep. You can not forget to sleep. That is your time for your body and brain to recover, so take it!
  • Be Flexible! It is okay if you have to stay late at work. It is okay if yoga was full. It is okay if it is raining and you wanted to run. It is okay if your chicken isn’t cooked in time. It is okay if you woke up late. Be flexible and make adjustments. Don’t freak out because plans didn’t go as planned. Be calm and it’ll work out! Just always have a back up plan! I like to keep a circuit workout in my notebook with me at all times in case I have to stop and do my own thing at the gym and an extra lara bar and apple in my bag 🙂
  • Make Goals! You have to have a plan in mind. Classic cliche quote for you – if you fail to plan, you plan to fail!
  • Patience. Like I said, everything takes time so be prepared to have some road bumps and don’t think of them as failures but learning experiences as cheeseball as that sounds.
  • Find Inspiration! Whether it is a quote, a workout buddy, a cute new athletic chic outfit, or a banging playlist – find something to keep you going!

Now stop reading and start planning your workouts for the week!
Here are mine and if they don’t work out – I will survive right? 🙂

Monday – Orangetheory Fitness

Tuesday – Rest – KICKBALL + Beer

Wednesday – Orangetheory Fitness + Aerial Aerobics

Thursday – Spin

Friday – Orangetheory Fitness

Saturday – Bootcamp with my girlfriends

Sunday – Run and Yoga!

xx Mira


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