Get it done! Quick Cardio + BW Strength

Do you only have 30 minutes and want to get that blood flowing and heart pounding? Try this circuit!

Warmup – 50 jumping jacks, 10 squats, 10 pushups, 5 burpees + some stretching.

Circuit: Run 1/2 mile (or if you are in the gym two killers)

50 squats

40 mountain climbers

30 pushups

20 alternating jump lunges

10 froggers

Repeat – as many times you can in 25 minutes!

Core: 1 minute plank

30 seconds bicycles

30 seconds leg drops

30 seconds reverse crunch

30 seconds in and outs

1 minute plank

Cool down and stretch!

Don’t forget to drink water and eat something good within the next hour or so 🙂 But hopefully you got a good sweat in with that!

xx Mira


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