My inspiration – who to follow

We all have people who inspire us. It could be someone in our daily life, such as a mother, a brother, a friend, a teacher, a boss, a significant other, or even a pet! But this isn’t who I am talking about, even though they are amazing people to have in our lives. These are all people I have never met and probably never will; but how they live their lives, the food they eat, their workouts, and passion inspire me to continue working towards my goal of living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Bloggers.

We all have bloggers we love. They post a picture of food and automatically we want the recipe. They post their new workout clothes and you want to know where they got them (and if they are on sale). I know sometimes I won’t know what to cook for dinner and I turn to my favorite bloggers and know automatically what I am going to make not just for that night but for the next two weeks! Or if I am in a workout rut and want to change it up – I find new circuits and ideas from them all the time!

So here is a list of my favorite bloggers or people to follow!

@paleomg : Juli has a raw realistic, humorous take on the world while also continuously posting amazing paleo food and great workouts by being realistic about eating paleo and making decisions that work for you.

@fitfoodiefinds : Lee hails from the Twin Cities area just like me and is always finding new ideas for meals, snacks, or workouts that make sure to keep people active and healthy in a sustainable way.

@nourishmovelove : Lindsey shares her life, the good and the bad, while inspiring others to get moving and put good things your body.

@thehealthymaven : Davida, most commonly know for her obsession with avocados, takes recipes and puts twists on them to keep them healthy but exciting!

@kaylaitsines : Kayla – global fitness phenomena, creator of the Beach Body Guide posts transformation photos, workouts, and continuously inspires girls that fit and strong is the new skinny. Why be skinny and weak when you can be strong and fit? Plus her workouts will kick your ass.

@sallysbakingaddiction : Sally, what do I say about Sally? If you are ever in the mood for a good cheat sweet or just show off to everyone how amazing you can bake, turn to Sally and she will never let you down.

@withsaltandwit : Megan, a trained culinary expert, who has an appetizer, snack, lunch, or drink for every occasion.

Those are just a few of my faves but I am blasted weekly with updates from all the blogs I follow! Comment below with some of your favorites and who you like to follow 🙂 

xx Mira


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