Did you fall off the wagon real hard? How to get back on!

Hi friends,

I am writing to you with complete nausea from eating terribly. Have you ever fallen off the healthy eating and working out wagon and said “fuck it” and continued on with the most not desirable behavior? Because I have… and that is bad. I ate cake and pizza for breakfast with my friends and then ate relatively good during the day and was like OMG I NEED GUMMIES. And basically ate them until I was in a sugar coma. NOT A GOOD MOVE. A terrible move. But you know what? It happens!!! So here is my advice to you on how to recover.

  1. Don’t think it’s over! Don’t say “well I might as well keep eating this crap” and definitely don’t do that!
  2. Don’t go too hard on yourself. Accept that it happened and move on and get better.
  3. Learn! Know what your triggers are. Mine are sweets! I just keep going – so know that and know what your limits are!
  4. Why did it happen? Stress? Forget food? Forget to plan? Just appeared? Know mentally why you faltered.
  5. Do something to get your mood back up. It is okay to not push yourself in an intense workout after you binge on a ton of candy, but maybe take the dog for an extra walk.
  6.  Don’t stop believing you can do it!!! It is okay. We all make mistakes.

I am going to go take the pup for a walk now and try to burn off some of those gummy worms.

xx Mira

P.S – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2H5uWRjFsGc


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