Mira tries CorePower Yoga #namastebetches

Raise your hand if you don’t always remember to have an extended stretching session after your workout – insert guilty hand raise here. That’s right, I’ll be one of the first to say it; I forget stretching sometimes. I need to schedule it in or else it doesn’t get done. I am quick the checklist personality, so if it is on the list – check it gets done. If it isn’t on the list, it basically doesn’t matter.

So I figured I would schedule an hour long sweat and stretch sesh at CorePower Yoga. I would attempt yoga, which is a continuous goal of mine to do more yoga, and sweat out the toxins in the process.

Let me preface with, I AM NOT A YOGI. I have done yoga, I understand the moves and know what everything is. But I am not a yogi. When the instructor tells you to find your inner peace, I have no inner peace. That is why I am at yoga. When she says raise your hands to your third eye. I do not have a third eye, I have two eyes. I am not someone who can “chill” per say. Intentional relaxing is stressful to me. Meditating is stressful. Yoga is stressful. Thinking about all of this is getting me worked up and stressed out – phew.

So I decide to try a Yoga Sculpt class, thinking it won’t be that different from what I am used to. I lift weights all the time, this shouldn’t be bad I thought to myself as I walked in the door. I walk in to a heated room of 25 scantily dressed men and women. So many people with no shirts on – more power to you, but also totally not my vibe. Class starts and we are doing some basic stretching and yoga flow, the heat is nice, and I’m starting to get a good sweat going. Then we pick up the weights, 5 lb weights – nothing crazy. And we’re pulsing and pulsing and pulsing. And it’s burning and burning and burning. Omgoshhh. And I am sweating and the girl next to me is sweating and I’m sweating on her and she is sweating on me. But don’t worry we are still pulsing and pulsing and squatting and pulsing. By the end of that hour my body was so tired and ready for some water and cool air. Yoga Sculpt was hard!! So different than what I was used to but also a very good way to switch it up I thought.

So I decide to go to yoga again that week – I had a pretty lax work schedule that week. I went to CorePower Yoga 2. I decided with level 2 because it said they played music and just kind of told you what to do opposed to level 1 they spend more time explaining the positions and like I said, I am no yogi but I know the yoga poses. So CPY 2 here I come. It was a lot more enjoyable experience for me, not saying I didn’t love the challenge of sculpt, but I think for a hot second I found my inner peace. I was chaturanga-ing, I was flowing, I was sweating, I was warrior-ing, I was getting the hang out it and my mind went calm for about 1/3 of class which was AHHH-MAZING. I didn’t realize how necessary a towel for hot yoga was to put on your mat. All I will say about that was lesson learned!

So here are my take-aways from my week aka 2 classes at CorePower. I think if I gave it enough time I would get a lot better at yoga and finding that “zen – peace of mind” level. It is fun to workout in the heat sometimes and feel like you’re sweating it all out. While I work out all the time, yoga is completely different workout and has value as well – it is just hard for me to give up my runner’s high. And last but not least – you can get past all the skinny girls wearing no shirts and looking picture perfect after an hour long hot yoga class – ignore them. You are there for you so while I feel insecure around girls like that, when I am in class focusing on my improvements and what amazing work my body just did – it doesn’t matter what I am wearing or someone else is wearing. What matters is that I rocked it and will continue to rock it no matter who is surrounding me. So you go out there and find your inner peace God damn it !




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