Mira tries Crossfit pt.1

Cece is the crossfit Queen of our duet, so after dragging her to an Orangetheory class and watching the enjoyment of pain come across her face mid treadmill sprints I figured it was only fair to take a whirl at crossfit. I was EXTREMELY nervous because although I’ve done a lot of different exercise classes, I am not someone who is super amped about squatting 125 lbs and pressing as much as possible until failure. So I played it off cool, at least I think, but I was dying inside.

This was my train of thought before crossfit class. “Omg will I embarrass myself ? What if I can’t do it ? What if I don’t know what the exercise is ? Will they all know I’m new ? Will everyone be better than me ? Does my outfit look okay ? Are these pants going to fall down ? How is my pony tail ? I’m fine I’m fine I’m fine. Nope no, not fine.” Ten or so minutes into the workout those thoughts subsided and I finally found my confidence.

It was a simple WOD (workout of the day for all you newbs like me). There is some crossfit competition and everyone was doing 16.2 that weekend so they made the WOD a little bit easier so peeps could prepare. So we did a warmup, then a strength block, and conditioning. The strength block had no technical lifting so it was perfect, it was all exercises I’ve done before so I didn’t feel completely lost. I felt in control of my workout, which was awesome because I was so scared I would be lost. The conditioning part was really fun for me! We had an option to run or row and I picked running, which I guess is usually the lesser of two options. Running was the main reason I joined OTF a year ago. I wanted to get back into running, there was a point where I loved it and ran 3-6 miles a day. So I’m a cardio, adrenal, endorphin junkie so those sprints on the tread was exactly what kept me in the bright spirits with the veteran crossfitters. I kept close pace with Cece which was my goal.

I would say it was a successful workout and I definitely got a good sweat in. Was it what I was expecting? Not really. Is it my new favorite workout ? Probably not. Will I try it again ? Most definitely. I am a firm believer in giving workouts even up to 10 times to see if you like it or hate it. So even if the next class I go to is all lifting and I use the only the bar, I’ll have to keep trying to get a true feel for it. However, I am still holding strong and true to my Orangetheory Fitness (as I am off to my Friday night sweat sesh right now!)



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