Meet Ryder #princesspup

A large focus of my life is dedicated to my dog, my queen, my best friend – Ryder. The only bad thing about her is that Cecilia is allergic to dogs; there goes our dreams of being roommates and escaping the wrath of living at home at 23/24. So Ryder will be talked about here and there and photos will be very popular.

I met Ryder a little less than 2 years ago, she was an 8 week old little pup who I found a picture of on Craigslist. I was having issues with my boyfriend at the time and was in a pre-graduation, what the hell am I doing with my life, funk. I had wanted a dog for awhile because our family dog had passed away about 3 years prior. I was always searching animal shelters in Ann Arbor/Detroit area and pining for a pretty puppy of my own. I knew that dogs were amazing for depression/anxiety and I felt that if I got a dog I would have a reason to wake up in the morning compared to just be hungover and sleep in and waste my day (like most second semester college seniors do). It was something always in the back of my mind but nothing I proactively went after.

I was sick and laying on my couch perusing Craigslist with my friend Charlie and I saw this picture….


I looked at Charlie and said “hey should I get this dog?” and he said “yeah for sure!” She was claimed to be a golden retriever/australian shepherd mix. She most definitely is not, but I love her despite that. She is an australian cattle dog mix but we aren’t 100% sure of the mix.

So I texted this sketchy lady who lived in bumblefuck Michigan and I decided to skip class the next day to go get the dog. SUPER RASH DECISION. It was a little more fast paced than that because I was scared someone else was going to snatch up MY future pup. I called my mom and said “By the way I am buying a dog tonight!” I could tell over the phone that she was rolling her eyes and was like “I guess you’re an adult now.” Immediately I receive a text from my oldest sister explaining that I should understand how much of a time commitment and investment dogs are and I can’t just get one and then not train it. Typical oldest sister syndrome going on.

I get in my car with my best friend Alexa and we start driving to  no-where Michigan. Halfway there Alexa looks at me and says “what if there is no dog?”. The conversations and minor panic attack about Craigslist killers ensues. We take precautions and call our boyfriends giving them our address and saying if we don’t contact them within 10 minutes to call the police. The usual craigslist protocol.

Finally we pull up to a house in the middle of nowhere Michigan and a lady who is missing a few teeth comes outside with the little pup. It was love at first site! I saw her, she saw me, and right then I knew I had a new best friend.


Obviously many many other things have happened since then – her first bark, her first stomachache, her first treat, her first bath, her first toy. My sappy point of this post will be that I truly have learned so much about responsibility and patience since getting Ryder. I can proudly say that after a long day at work, coming home to my brand new $300 pair of boots (obviously got them for $75 #saleshopper) with the heels and toes chewed out, I didn’t freak out, I didn’t yell. I calmly picked up the pieces and then gave my puppy a hug and reminded myself how much I love her and that she is a dog and doesn’t know any better. Seriously though, HOW CAN YOU GET MAD AT THIS FACE?


Now that you know who Ryder is she will appear frequently because let’s be real – she is so stinking cute! She is my number one taste tester for foods because she always loves everything 🙂


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