Does the early bird really get the worm?

Good morning! Mira here – I am writing to you from my desk at work at 5am on a Wednesday so please forgive me for any typos or nonsensical sentences. You are probably thinking “5am? Yuck. I have never seen that time of day before if it isn’t A-Bar” or “I am already on my way to the gym at 5am, get in – get out – get the day going!” Well, I am more of an alarm goes off at 4am, forgets why I am waking up this early, goes back to sleep, wakes up at 4:15am and remembers I work at 4:45am so quick throws on a pair of workout clothes, grabs my lunch, and is out the door by 4:30am. I only work the open shift twice a week right now – thank god! Oh wait, I didn’t even tell you where I work!! I work at Orangetheory Fitness in Edina, Minnesota. I love health and fitness; however, it isn’t my chosen career path so I am job searching and job struggling while spending the rest of my waking hours either working out or working at OTF (and occasionally cuddling with my dog Ryder).

I know that mornings can be rough for a lot of people. I never envisioned myself working this early or even enjoying it! All through college I was a waitress so I would get home around 2-3am from work and then wake up around 8-9am to start my day so I thought I was more of a night person but I guess that isn’t one of the only things that changes post-grad. If you are someone who struggles to find time to workout, I highly suggest mornings! If you are someone who needs more consistency in getting it in, I highly suggest mornings! If you are a early morning go-getter, I don’t even need to suggest to you early mornings! Here are some reasons why waking up early is worth it!!! And some tips to make the get up and go process a little easier at that ungodly dark hour of the morning.


  1. It’s done with. By the time you are done with your early morning work-out you are finally awake and ready to get your day going. You don’t have it hanging over your head the whole day at work.
  2. Plans change! If you’ve already worked out, you don’t have to decline an invitation to an impromptu happy hour with your favorite coworkers or be grumpy when you are stuck in a work meeting and it seems like 237298 new projects come out of the meeting. You have flexibility with the remainder of your day because you’ve already checked the gym off your list.
  3. Grumpiness. It won’t happen because of endorphins! They are released and running through your blood so hopefully you’ll be in a better mood!
  4. Sense of community. Early mornings aren’t easy on everyone so you will find that the people at the gym this early it is like their religion and they are more than willing to welcome you in and share it with you. Friends always make everything better 🙂
  5. Breakfast – FOOOOOD! You will eat breakfast and hopefully a healthy one because of your inspiration after your tough gym sesh. Throughout the day you will be more likely to make healthy choices.
  6. You did it! You have run 3 miles, sweated it out at spin, or power lifted your spirits right up. You have completed a workout that is great for your mind, body, and spirit! You could hang around in your sweats all day on the couch afterword and still be like “yep, I’m awesome!”


  1. Multiple alarms! We all know that you want to hit that snooze so set a second alarm for 7-10 minutes later. After that one, get your butt moving!
  2. Make it a date! Plan on meeting a friend there, that way you can be held accountable when your lazy butt decides to sleep in and get cinnamon rolls instead (I am not speaking from experience or anything 😉 ).
  3. Outfit check. Lay your clothes out the night before. I know you have probably been told this since you were 7 and getting ready for grade school, but I promise you. It works!
  4. Pack your bag! When your work bag is already to go – you just have to put your clothes on, grab the bag, and you’re out the door. No need to wake up an hour early anymore!
  5. Meals made easy! Pre-made breakfast/lunches are another easy grab and go to add to your list. If you have overnight oats just sitting in the fridge then grab it and you already have a healthy breakfast in hand.
  6. Schedule and prioritize it. Really understand the reason WHY you are doing this and make it a priority. You are coming to the gym for x amount of reasons and those reasons should be important! It is okay to leave happy hour early or schedule a breakfast a little later so you make sure you can wake up and get your workout in.
  7. Ease into it! Not everyone is able to get moving that early, so start with maybe one day a week, then two, then three and see what is sustainable for you! I know I can do 4 out of 7 days a week as an early morning (and I mean 5am early not 7:30am) without turning into a crazy person. Also side note – trying to get to bed earlier on days you know you want to wake up earlier is key!
  8. Be patient! It gets easier! The first few times you wake up in a daze wondering what day it is and where you are. Soon your body will adjust and it won’t be such a shock to wake up.
  9. Have fun with it. If love yoga but hate running, start your day with yoga instead of on the treadmill (or dreadmill for many of you). Make it something you enjoy! You will learn this about me but I am not a yogi – I have no inner peace :(. So I don’t start my day with yoga, but something cardio intensive because that’s what is fun for me!
  10. Don’t be too hard on yourself! Changing your schedule can be hard and being consistent with workouts or healthy eating habits isn’t easy. If you skip a day or mess up, don’t continuously reflect on it – just keep going! There is nothing worse than stressing out over a skipped workout or that extra cookie you had for dessert. Shit happens!! (Just don’t let it happen again 😉 ).

Now go on! Get your day going 🙂



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