~ 2017 where have you (and I) gone? ~

Let me take a break from binge watching Criminal Minds and holiday baking, which seems to be the only two things I have been doing lately. But that doesn’t explain where I have been for the past few months. If for the past few months I had been only baking and watching Criminal Minds you would probably have to roll me through the door of apartment (if I were to ever leave my apartment from fear of being attacked/murdered/kidnapped etc … ). To be honest, a lot has been going on since I last posted. I am going to include a TON of photos, so be prepared (this is not a drill – be prepared!)

The real reason I have been blog estranged for the past few months is because I didn’t care. I started to feel like I HAD to post, not that I WANTED to post. Let’s be real, I am not a career blogger nor will I ever be so if I don’t feel like doing it, I shouldn’t. That is kind of the theme of the post today. Do what makes you happy, even if you don’t know what that is. Over the past year I have had a lot of life changes, all for the better – so that’s a start! But changes mean re-figuring shit out. And just because I’m back doesn’t mean I have it figured out. In all honesty, I think I’m finally getting organized enough to TRY to figure it out where before I was just going with the flow.

It is ironic because my last post in February was all about motivation and doing whatever you’re doing for you. Practice what you preach sister! But hey! We are all learning and in the same boat. That is what I have learned the most of the past year and I don’t care how cliché it sounds. I will say it once and I will say it again: Adulting is hard! You feel like everyone around you has it figured out and you’re the only one who doesn’t. Well let me tell you – no one has it figured out.

In the past year, I started a new job, got a new apartment, made new friends, lost old friends, struggled with healthy habits, had a few too many drinks, went to bed a bit too early, was heartbroken, repaired a broken heart, forgave too much and too little, spent too much money, worried about where I will be in a year, two years, five years, and ten years, thought is this just who I am now, laughed, cried, had high highs and low lows, and wondered when will I figure my shit out. All I know, is I am not alone in these thoughts. Everything ebbs and flows – not just the stock market and how annoying your mom is that day – everything.

While this year was full of change, I was facing it head on trying to keep my head afloat. Sometimes blogging is a form of escape for me – a way to express and vent without sending my friends 17 texts in a row having a mild anxiety attack. But other times, blogging isn’t what I need. I needed to be there, be now, and just fucking do the damn thing until I had to sit back, reflect, and be like “oh damn… maybe I should have not done that thing….”

So as 2017 is nearing the end, I am reflecting. I am taking the time to look back and remember that even if I don’t have it all together, I had a great year filled with people (who make me extremely happy) and memories (that I never want to forget). This does not mean I won’t be around. I will still be here, don’t you worry! But in the meantime look at all these cute pictures of what I have been doing for the past 9 months.

Talk soon!

xx Mira

~ New Cutie Apartment ~

~ KDWB Booty Cruise aka BEST Day of My Life ~

~ Baking Treats ~ 

~ Dogs, dogs, dogs, and more dogs ~

~ More Eats ~

~ Travel ~

~ Dinner Club ~ 

~ I can be active too ~  

~ Last but not least – I’M FUN ~ 


Motivation: do it for you

So I have been putting off writing this post for a couple of weeks now. It is ironic because it is all about motivation and I have NOT been motivated lately. There are those times in your life when you just feel like you are constantly just go go go, overwhelmed by the world, trying to do whatever you can to stay afloat. That is how I feel right now. Sometimes I feel like I need a break, but I don’t even know how to take a break. I have a massive to-do list at work and then when I come home I have a massive to-do list of things and I keep thinking to myself, is there ever going to be a day where I can just come home and sit? And the truth is….. yes, but you have to make it that way.

So I was originally going to talk all about motivation and how to get yourself going, make sure you’re still active, and trying to keep yourself from getting bored of routine. But I think right now, in the middle of february, there is a better thing to talk about and that is self-care. For me, sometimes I am too motivated. I want to just be doing things all the time, I want to make sure I on my A game all the time, I need to do this, and do that, and make sure I don’t forget this, ooooh and I CAN NOT forgot that. But sometimes it isn’t always about how much you can get done in a day, it is about how happy are you at the end of the day. And sometimes you aren’t happy. There are a lot of days I am not happy. But instead of sulking about it and making worse – which is used to be my tendency – I remember what I need to do to take care of myself. I was told once by a friend that I get so focused on what I want to happen and how I want something to go, that I get so wrapped up in it, I make it worse because I can’t focus on the good, I just focus that it isn’t how I wanted it go. So remember the good, remember what makes you happy, and focus on that.

My friends make me happy. My dog makes me happy. Cooking/baking makes me happy. Dancing in my underwear in my bedroom makes me happy. Organizing my bedroom makes me happy. Doing a face mask and sitting in bed with candles makes me happy. Do those things. And while you’re at it. Remember that you are great.

Today a good friend texted me and sent me some “words of encouragement” that her sister had sent her earlier this week. She said “just remember, keep your head up or the crown will fall off”… So forget motivation and finding reasons to keep it up. You are the reason. So stay motivated for you. Keep it up for you. Do whatever makes you happy. And DON’T get down on yourself. All that negative self talk (which I do a little too often but have banned my friend Roxanne from), none of that shit. All that self-loathing. All the “I can’ts” – nope throw it out. As I am typing, complaining to my friend – she sent me this link: https://thepowerpath.com/monthly-forecast/february-2017-monthly-forecast/ 

This is the month of change. It is hard to push through it, but it is what is best in the end. So do it for you. Change those bad habits. Change those things that drag you down. It may be hard, but you will get through it and you will be a better you. Isn’t that what you want? To do what is best for you? So do it.

Also, since this post go super preachy and shit I am just going to post a ton of pictures of things I was planning on posting anyways! But they have something in common – every picture is something that makes me happy.







Oh and if all else fails, get this book that I have been LOVING so much lately (enough that I sent it to two friends this week as a gift). Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed. Or dance it out to a classic like this …..


xx Mirs

Heating things up: in the kitchen and the gym

There is nothing better than making whole wheat buttermilk chocolate chip pancakes in your sweats dancing around on a Saturday morning, so after teaching bootcamp and taking tabata I would say my Saturday is off to a great start.


I have been on a cooking / baking kick again which is always good!! 1. For me, so I have good, healthy meals and don’t over snack. 2. For my coworkers, because who doesn’t love getting cheesecake brownies on a Wednesday? So I have a lot to talk about today, I have been putting off writing this for about a week now – so shame on me. But it was just stressing me out, so I was doing things that I needed to get done and felt good about, like cleaning out my closet, working out, relaxing, seeing friends, taking me time, and clearly a lot of cooking as well. My next post will be all about self-care and self-wellness though, so enough on that for now. To the good stuff, food pics.

So I ordered Blue Apron a few weeks ago and I have been super impressed. I love that you get a variety of foods and the recipes are really easy to follow! You can set it to deliver as often as once a week; so I accidentally forgot to change my settings so I got another box yesterday, but those recipes look just as amazing (if not better). It is nice to get just the right amount of ingredients you need, so you don’t have to buy a ton of ingredients and then never know what to use coconut milk powder for ever again. The recipes aren’t necessarily health based, but they include a variety of food groups and there are easy ways to modify them as well. They also give you the recipe to keep with nutrition facts. So I made enchiladas and honestly the amount of cheese they used was not too much (I wish there was more) and you could’ve used a whole wheat tortilla, but otherwise it had veggies and lean protein and is DELICIOUS and easy. Enough talking, here are the pics.

These were the delicious enchiladas, which tomatillos, jalapenos, cheese, onion, chicken – yummmmmm.


This recipe I was a little bit skeptical of at first. African spice peanut chicken with kale and rice. The kale didn’t turn out very well, it was super gritty. So if anyone knows why it tasted like I was eating lettuce filled with sand, lemme know. Otherwise the sauce for the chicken was amazing with fresh garlic, ginger, scallions, peanut butter, coconut milk, and you could add as much spice or not as you’d like. This one was definitely very delicious.

Beef tacos with radish salsa and sweet potatoes that were cooked with lime juice, sugar, jalapenos, and cheese; while it sounds like a very odd combination, these were delicious. I just packed up the meat and mixed all the salsa, creme fraiche, and cheese together in a pyrex and took it to work as leftover and at it with chips. WHAT A GOOD LUNCH.

So I still have a few more meals to make, one is shrimp spaghetti and a burgers with spicy mayo and sweet potato fries, so I am very excited to eat those meals this week. One meal was cod, and I don’t really do cod so I gave that one to my mother to have all to herself – what a little gem of a daughter I am. But I am sure you would rather see the good stuff that wasn’t from Blue Apron. Last plug about Blue Apron, it is really easy to find a promo code so you can get a free meal or free box of half off your first box so just look around on the internet! A ton of bloggers, podcasts, celebs promote it  – so I know the Two Dope Queens podcast promotes it a lot, probably every promo “celeb” from Bachelor Nation, and I got my promo code from Simply Taralynn – she’s just the cutest.

I made lemon raspberry cheesecake bars for a coworkers birthday and wow were they delicious. I am not a big fan of cheesecake, but for some reason whenever I make the cheesecake, I LOVE it. Biases about the cook? Maybe 😉 I took the recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction but I like raspberry better than blueberry so I just found some fresh raspberries and subbed them in.


Also how cute is this pan?!? I got a ton of Kate Spade bakeware for my birthday from my sister and best friend and aren’t they to die for? Each of them say something really cute on them, like the circle cake pan says “it’s someones’ birthday somewhere” and the muffin pan says “one for you, two for me.” Ugh really they have out done themselves again Kate Spade. Now I need the whole set, so if you don’t hear from me for awhile it is because I will be working tirelessly at the bar so I won’t feel bad about spending so much money on extra bake/cookware.

The top is before baking, the bottom is after baking, and the left is when they were sliced up (and of course I licked the extras off the knife). But these were amazing, super quick, super easy. Yesssssss, I know the cook time says almost 5 hours, but thats because you need to let them chill – so just pop them in the fridge over night and you are rocking the next day. Also what I found is using the whisk attachment for your kitchenaid mixer will make the filling even more fluffy and creamy, and who doesn’t want that?

Another Kate Spade pan and it says “short and sweet” – ughhhh adorable. So I realized I had a ton of extra cream cheese and bananas in my house so I figured, let’s figure out what to bake with both of those ingredients and I came up with cream cheese filled banana bread. It was great for a grab and go breakfast this week or just an afternoon snack. While it was dense, it was delicious and filling for just a slice. Maybe not the HEALTHIEST breakfast, but hey you’ve got grains, fruit, and dairy!!

But what I really was here for today was to share some good workouts. I have a tabata, some core, and good strength circuit to share. I tested the strength circuit on some friends after work the other day and I would say with their constant moaning and muttering I hate you, it was a successful workout 😉


Don’t they look so happy? Almost as happy as the lady who asked us if we knew we were in the way of where the mats go…. Yes ma’am, it is 5:30pm on Wednesday after work and all the new years resolutioners are here along with the regular gym peeps, I am fully aware that this place is busy and cramped, I can put your mat away for you if it is that big of a concern – oh and please, leave those 2lb weights, I’ll take care of it for you….. UGH HONESTLY PEOPLE – you gotta take what you can get space wise these days at the gym. It is the worst.  Anyways, no more bitching about old ladies and back to working our butts off.

Strength + Cardio Circuit

For each strength exercise do 12 reps, then do the next strength exercise for 12 reps. Repeat 3x. Then move to cardio blast before moving to next strength circuit. Complete the cardio blast for 30 seconds on, 15 seconds off 2x (3x if you’re feeling ambitious)

  • sumo squat to high row
  • kettlebell burpee to overhead thruster

power jacks (aka jumping jacks with a weight pressing over head)

  • lateral lunge to curl
  • kettlebell swings

touch down jump squats

  • deadlift to row
  • tricep kickback


  • 4 mountain climbers + laydown pushup
  • single leg glute hip bridge (with weights on hips)

squat jump forward + 3 hops back

  • arnold press
  • superman with lat pull

alternating lunge jump

  • l-raises
  • dolphin pushups


  • pullovers
  • donkey kicks (with weights on your legs or banded)


AND YOU’RE DONE…… jk there is still a core circuit for you to do


1 minute of each exercise – so constantly moving for 10 minutes (keep that core engaged and I promise you it’ll burn in a good way)

  • plank hold
  • leg drops
  • plank hip dips
  • double crunch
  • russian twists
  • pike to plank
  • flutter kicks
  • bike
  • v-ups
  • plank hold

And if you want something different, I have one last workout for you today. I taught this tabata class this morning paired with the core blast from above and my class was loving it (well hating it and loving me for kicking them into gear at 730am on a Saturday) *side note: WHYYYYYY, why do I teach at 730am on Saturday? I am 25 shouldn’t I be hungover, or brunching, or both, or still awake from the night before? UGHHHH, I guess this is what adulting is like! end side note*

Tabata Full Body Blast

20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, 8x  – all you need is a step/bench and maybe a mat!

  • alternating every other: straddle jump squats onto the bench and straddle toe taps
  • alternating, first four sets: decline pushups on bench. second four sets: uneven walking pushups on bench
  • alternating every other: jump squats onto step and burpees (any variation)
  • mountain climbers – alternating quick and slow cross body knee to elbow
  • alternating 2:2:2:2 : curtsy bench tap overs and skaters
    • so 20 seconds on leg curtsy bench tapovers, 20 seconds the other leg curtsy bench tapovers, 2 rounds of skaters, and repeat
  • alternating 2:2:2:2 : single leg up on step squat and lateral squat jumps over the step
    • same as the round before – so single leg squat on right, single leg squat on left, two rounds of lateral jump squats over step, and repeat
  • alternating, first four sets: bunny hops over step. second four sets, single leg glute hip bridge
  • alternating, first four sets: tricep dips. second four sets: tricep pushups
  • alternating 2:2:2:2: bulgarian split squats and jumping bulgarian split squats
    • so right leg bulgarian split squat, left leg bulgarian split squat, right leg jumping bulgarian split squat, and left leg jumping bulgarian split squat, and repeat

Wow, I felt like  said the work bulgarian a few too many times for a Saturday morning. Anyways, hopefully you feel slightly motivated to either kick your butt into gear in the gym or the kitchen!!! But I should probably go kick this little pups butt into gear because she has definitely gained her winter weight 😉 so toodles!



xx Mira

Monday Mornings, more like Mondazeeee

It is monday morning, so do you know what that means?!? Well, every monday starts off with my alarm going off at 5:30am and me instantly regretting being a fitness instructor, then rolling out of bed and leaving my house by 5:43am to get to the gym. I wake up every monday thinking of an excuse to get out of teaching, call in sick, say my car died, slept through my alarm, and crafting an email in my head about why I no longer want to teach my monday 6am bootcamp. It is hard enough to motivate yourself to go to the gym and workout, but to go to the gym and basically watch people workout with a few squats and pushups here and there, ughhh draining. Then I teach. And afterwards I feel great and I remember why I teach fitness classes. But that is all besides the point, today is monday which means THE BACHELOR IS ON!

As promised I will keep this post short and sweet with some banging workouts for you. I have also included a bachelor workout game, similar to a drinking game but instead of taking a sip or a shot or chugging every time something absurd happens doing some sort of workout – to get your heart pumping and body moving.

Bachelor Viewing Workout Game

Every time one of the following happens do 10 squats or 10 laydown pushups

  • A girl cries
  • Nick is shirtless
  • A joke about it being round 4 on the Bachelor for Nick
  • Someone uses the phrase “right reasons”
  • Andi, Kaitlyn, or Jen are mentioned
  • There is a live musician
  • Chris Harrison says “this is the most dramatic….. rose ceremony/episode/proposal” etc…
  • Someone says “I am ready to find love”
  • Someone states they just “hate the drama”
  • A rose is mentioned outside of a ceremony – first impression rose, group date rose, 1:1 etc..
  • “Nick could be my husband” is said
  • “Can I steal you for a minute?” is said

You’re already sweating aren’t you?

Well now, every time one of the following happens do 15 v-ups or 15 mountain climbers (per leg)

  • There is a helicopter, plane, boat on the date
  • The episode ends “to be continued”
  • Corrine’s nanny Raquel is mentioned
  • Nick says “My wife could be in this room”
  • Chris Harrison says “ladies, this is the final rose tonight”
  • There is a “big secret revealed”
  • A girl says “I’m not here to make friends”
  • Girls watch while Nick makes out with another girl and they get made
  • Someone “questions” Nick’s morals/motive

Every time one of the following happens do 20 burpees

  • Nick gets slapped
  • Some one confronts Nick about another girl
  • A girl gets sent home outside of a rose ceremony
  • A girl strips naked
  • An ambulance comes
  • Someone from another Bachelor season makes an appearance
  • A girl admits she isn’t there for Nick (aka promo codes/bachelorette opps)
  • Nick sleeps with a girl

Last but not least if Nick gets rejected at the proposal – literally just go run a fucking mile. Just keep going…..

Now for those of you who want to workout sans shitty tv – here is another killer circuit for you! You’ll need a bench and some various weights. I am on kind of a strength circuit kick right now. So I am trying to get a sweat in and work on building strength and adding hiit cardio in. I did this one and took about an hour – so a full workout right here for you!

Total Body Strength Hiit Circuit

10 reps of each exercise – 4x through

  • burpees
  • sumo squat pulse with weight
    • i did double bench – so two benches – feet on both – that way you have more room to get low
  • laydown pushup to a weight drag
    • have one weight and move it side to side after each pushup
  • double bench jump squat
    • with two benches set up, standing in between and jumping up landing feet wide on the benches, squatting, and then jumping back in between the benches
  • single leg hip bridge with weight (10 per leg)
    • keeping your feet elevated on the bench and weights on your hops
  • bunny hops (10 per side)
  • skull crusher
  • overhead walking lunges (10 per leg)
    • holding weights above your head
  • squat jump forward + 3 hops back
  • deadlift to bent over row
  • curtsy lunges or skaters (10 per leg)
  • chest press to a fly (laying down)
  • burpee thruster with overhead press

when you’re on your last round  – ending with 25 burpees 

And then here is a quick little hiit circuit to get you moving that won’t take you 60 minutes to complete. It will be 60 seconds on of each exercise, then 45 seconds on of each, then 30 seconds, and ending with a quick 15 seconds of each.

60-45-30-15 BLAST

  • box jump burpees
  • deadlift to bent over row
  • squat hold with lateral to front arm raises
  • single leg v-ups


Hopefully that helped you sweat it out and get moving  a little bit. It is clearly a Monday morning because I hit publish instead of preview too early and for those of you who get it to your email, you got it TOO SOON! UGHHHH MONDAZEEEEEEE. So hopefully you clicked the link and can see the updated version with the little blasts in it!! Otherwise, you’re the one missing out 😉

Happy sweating and have an amazing Monday!!!!

xx Mira

Things I am Loving Lately

I am just sitting in bed with Ryder on a gloomy Saturday afternoon, drinking my coffee in a new pajama romper my mom gave to me – yes, I changed back into pajamas after a busy morning of teaching bootcamp and running errands – and I realized I have a lot of good things I am loving lately to share!


srsly how cute are these pjs?

1. My Planner!

For many of you who know me well – I am an obsessive list maker. I make to-do lists of literally EVERYTHING. I know it’s compulsive, because I will go to things as little as “watch new episode of real world” or “take trash out”, just so I can get the high of checking something off. Organization is key for me, especially when it comes to my schedule.  I got this adorable planner from my mother for Christmas. It has cute little highlights of what day it is, so I will never forget when national cupcake day is and cute stickers and a folder in the back, to keep all my to-do lists in 🙂 ABSOLUTELY LOVE (and if you struggle with finding a consistent routine for working out – I highly recommend getting a planner and using it on a week to week basis and actually SCHEDULING in workouts)

2. New Girl

I will keep this one short – but seriously, how the eff had I never seen that show until now? All I can say is that I completely binged it – am not caught up and don’t know what to do without my daily dose of Jess and Nick (well my actual favorite is Dr. Sam – but whatevs)

3. Podcasts

As always, Guys We Fucked never ceases to amaze me. Paleomg, aka JB my blogger crush, has a great podcast too! Girl With No Job recently started a podcast and granted I haven’t listened to it all – based on her social media personality, it will be amazing. But honestly, I am really into Ted Talks right now. I can sit and listen while I am at work, driving, or doing stuff around the house and I feel like I am actually filling my brain with useful knowledge. The most recent ones I’ve listened to that I recommend are : “Let’s teach for mastery – not test scores” by Sal Khan, “Want kids to learn well? Feed them well” by Sam Kass, “A better way to talk about love” by Mandy Len Catron, and an all time fan-favorite “My year of saying yes to everything” by Shonda Rhimes…. Srsly… listen, learn, and never stop wanting to learn! (Part of my new year’s goals is too self-educate more – so this is a step in the right direction I suppose)

4. Tea

I know this sounds dumb, but I am on such a tea kick – loose leaf and bagged. As I have talked about before I SUCK at relaxing and meditation and all that finding your inner peace ish. So I have decided that I am going to try to a have a minimum of one cup of a tea day and ENJOY it. Whether it is before I go to bed and I am just sitting in bed, drinking my sleepytime tea – or waking up in the morning and having some chai while watching tv (I wish I could say I watch the news in the morning, but usually it is some form of trash tv aka probably MTV’s Are You The One), or just taking 5-10 minutes to relax at or after work and having tea. Shout out to my very pretty , very high strung friend Gabby who suggested this trick to me!!


5. This article!!!

This is such an inspiring post about how life is all about moderation. Yes, have goals and work towards your goals – but remember there is more to life than just that one goal. Balance still needs to exist. So whether you are focusing on your career, or losing weight, or training for a marathon, or planning your wedding (in that case you are probably not one of my friends because lawlzzz), or whatever it could be – remember to focus on yourself too. Don’t be too hard on yourself, let yourself live a little. From experience I find that when you let go and just go with it, that is when the best memories are made. And as dumb or cliche as it sounds, 20 years from now that cookie you didn’t eat or that party you missed because you were at the gym, those are the memories you will remember – missing out and letting life get away from you. Don’t do that. So maybe you have to wake up early to get a run in quick before a party, but don’t skip the party for a run. Be happy and while you should remain continuously working on your goals, don’t forget you. End of sappy life advice rant.


6. My 3-barrel hair waver

All I am saying is – I am bringing waving my hair back. GAME STRONG

7. Beauty things

My friend who I made my personal beautician (side note: do people still use that word?) gave me the cutest birthday present of skincare products. I am loving the Mario Badescu line and she gave my the facial spray with rose water – it smells AMAZING. And the face masks from patchology she gave me, I am dying to try! Especially the exfoliate one. And then I got my nails done the other day because I just want not feeling the color and ughhh now I am in love! It is the brand Jessica and color Ocean Bloom… love love love.


8. The Bachelor

I am unapologetically I huge fan of everything that has to do with the bachelor. The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, any Bachelor wedding, Bachelor Nation instagram fame whores and their promo codes, Kaitlyn and Shawn B’s snapchats, Betches Love This weekly Bachelor recap. So I won’t go into too much detail, but I am trying to think of a fun Bachelor viewing workout game. So instead of drinking every time someone says “here for the right reason” maybe you do like 10 burpees? It is still in the works ladies but wait for it.


I had been seeing these new nikes all over instagrams, blogs, and nordstrom.com (mainly because I kept searching them), but after about a month of not being able to stop thinking about them – I caved. They are the Nike Air Zoom Strong training shoe and granted they look weird AF online, on your feet they look fab. The black strap is to velcro over and keep the shoelaces from flopping around and untying. So far – LOVE and highly recommend.

I had been talking about Fabletics before and how I am kinda iffy on them, but I figured I’d share a pic of the camo shirt because I actually love it. I have big boobs and finding cute workout shirts with built in bras that give enough support and don’t let one pop out mid-burpee is hard, but this one works! It is a little quirky because one side has one strap and the other has two, but whatevs and I LOVE camo….

Finally, I made a stop at Lucy today – which is probably in my top 3 favorite athletic apparel (Nike, Zella, and Lucy) – and my friend Alyssa helped me find the best pants ever. I was working out today and was getting so frustrated with my pants constantly falling down as I was jumping around and running, so I decided to see if I could find a new pair of workout pants to try. I tried on revolution run capri and was sold immediately. They are high waisted and compression fit, so they stay tight around my waist and don’t fall down as I am jumping around (don’t worry I tried in the fitting room). I bought a medium in those and wow the feel (and look) amazing. I ended up finding a great shirt as well. The fitness fix tank is cute and my boobs don’t fall out and it was on sale for like $25 – score! So go me and go Lucy!

And finally – this high neck line sports bra by good hYOUman is so comfortable, so amazing, my boobs never fall out, and honestly can be turned into a crop top for a night out at the bar….




I finally have found some good workout jams so here they are!

Walking with Lions by Codeko ft. Raphaella

Paris by The Chainsmokers

Chase You Down by Runaground 

Light by San Holo

Revolution (Sean & Bobo Remix) by Diplo

United States of Pop 2016 (Into Pieces) by DJ Earworm

Enjoy the jams and workouts will be coming out next! And I am off to the liquor store to get some wine (is it appropriate to go in your pajamas even though it is 4pm on a Saturday? Whatevs, doing it anyways – this romper is cute!)

xx Mira



Birthdays and (kettle)Bells

As I sit here, drinking my tea, cuddling the pup, and catching up on trashy reality tv – cue The Bachelor and MTV’s Are You The One? It’s okay, I know you’re judging me and that’s okay because I judge myself. I realized how much I owe you guys an update. I haven’t talked about my mother-daughter cooking class or my big 25 birthday or the party bus I went on or new sneakers that I am lovingggggg and obviously some good workouts (and even workout songs) to share!

Let’s start with this gnocchi making class. Leslie and I decided to go to a cooking class as one of my birthday presents. I got my love of cooking and being in the kitchen from my momma because we literally grew up in the kitchen, baking and cooking and laughing and pranking each other. At this cooking class we learned tips and tricks for making homemade gnocchi – which isn’t the easiest of meals to make. There is definitely a technique and it isn’t just a meal that you can “throw together in a few”. We had 5 different types of gnocchi made in class. Our group was responsible for the pumpkin gnocchi with a mascarpone shallot sauce….. DAYUM THAT SAUCE WAS AMAZING!!!! Then there was a spinach ravioli type gnocchi that was good! The classic potato gnocchi with a ragu sauce was good of course. There was one with a lemon broccolini sauce – yeah definitely not my favorite. And MY FAVORITE was the spin on chocolate gnocchi. It basically was deep fried brownie batter that was crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside with a strawberry dipping sauce….. WOW….. HIGHLY recommend the chocolate gnocchi…. P.S Cooks of Crocus Hill has such amazing classes if you are ever looking! I hae taken a few there and a few at Whole Foods, and my next place I want to try is Kitchen in the Market.


So much gnocchi, so little time


So next came my 25th birthday – omgggggg I AM OLD. I have been talking about how this year is going to be my year and if my birthday celebration was an example of how my year will go, I am more than happy with how 25 will be. What I have been realizing over the past few weeks, is I am still young and I still have time to figure my shit out. I need to be doing things that make me happy and be happy with the decisions I am making. Am I okay that I declined happy hour today and went to the gym instead and stayed in with the dog and watched trashy tv? OH HELL YEAH. Should I live my life like that everyday? No. I definitely have to go out and do things, but I don’t need to stress myself out. I don’t need to continously put pressure on myself to do better and to succeed. In time everything will work itself out. I am the queen of freaking out over nothing and that isn’t something that is going to to change over night; however, I will continue every day to work on that. Will I be perfect at that and all of a sudden not freak over dumb things? No, but working on that is growth. 25 is the year of growth and happiness. I will be me, but strive to be a better version of me. HAAAAAAAY!!!



Pantsuit or Bust

So like I said, if 25 is anything like my birthday I will be happy. I was surrounded by so many people who I love so much and who love me (as always there were many people who couldn’t come because of distance and such but I don’t love or value them any less) but in general – all my friends are amazing. 24 was a hard year! In reality 2016/24 fucking sucked to put it bluntly. And for all my friends, new or old, that supported me, listened to me bitch, let me cry for no reason, drank a little too much wine with me, sat in coffee shops and tirelessly worked on “our futures” together, danced it out with me, saw way too man dog pictures, did not walk away but joined me when I danced on tables at the bar, and honestly just let me be me and still love – I thank you all. Sometimes it takes some shitty things to happen to everyone to realize that none of it matters and in the end it is each other that really matters.  So cheers to 25 and cheers to all my friends who have been there whether it has been 20 years or 5 months – I am sure both seem like they have been too long ;)…..


what a bunch of cuties!

We went to Volstead’s which is a really cute speakeasy style bar in Uptown. We had a private room reserved and the waiter came through the walls and you either enter the room through a bookcase or a phone booth – sooooo cool. So we had dinner and drinks there before heading out to the bars for the night. And when I say drinks, I mean classy mother fucking drinks with like elderflowers and aquavit and absinthe and little orange peel garnishes. Hitting the bars was fun!!! I learned the best new, not really prank, but amusing thing to do at bars. Take a photo of you and your friends and when you go to share it with them, just airdrop it to whoever has airdrop on in the bar – easy conversation starter and honestly really amusing to have someone come up to you and show you a picture you JUST took of you and your friends and ask if it is you. Seriously, really entertaining. The  next morning then consisted of brunch, listening to old mix tapes from 2004-2009, touring the old neighborhood, an outrageous overuse of the term #thisis25, and ending with ice cream. But seriously #thisis25


I was going to fill you in on a few things I am loving right now, but I will wrap it up early, save that for next time, and just leave you with an amazing kettlebell workout – plus Ryder keeps snugging closer and closer (and I know how badly she wants to finish this episode of New Girl). I don’t know how people who have children get any work done. I barely get anything done when I come home because I am too preoccupied staring at my dog…. Wow that made me sound super lame and like I don’t have any hobbies. I swear I do. And I am still trying to troubleshoot what I should do for explanations of the specific exercises so if you don’t know what the slang or shorthand terms mean you can figure it out. I know a lot of the terms are on youtube and google so try there first. If not, feedback – give it up girls.


Kettle Bell Blaster

12 – kettlebell burpee thrusters with overhead press (30lb)

10 – lateral lunges (so 20 total, 10 each leg & 30lbs)

10 – windmills (20lb)

10 – russian twists (20lb)

12 – deadlift to bent over row (15lb per arm)

12 – 4 mountain climbers + laydown pushup

20 – kettlebell swings (30lb)

12 – sumo squat with 2 pulses + bicep curl (30lb)

12 – situp to press (15lb)

10 – walking lunges with single arm overhead kettlebell hold (20lb)

10 – flutterkick with cruch hold (15lb)

10 – plank renegade row (15lb)

12 – touch down jump squats with high pull (20lb)

20 – any cardio exercises (could be jump squats, burpees, x jumps, jacks etc…)

3x through the circuit

Each 10 rep exercise is 10 rep per side

*I did this 3x and it took me around 45 minutes

*I used varying weights for each exercise (anywhere from 15lb to 30lbs – denoted next to exercises)

Happy sweating – whether it is that kettle bell blast circuit or jamming out to this Blue Remix that I know everyone will love (and I promise less sappiness, more juiciness next time)!!!!

xx Mira

New Year, New Me? Why 2017 is going to be THE year

I am going to start this post with an impromptu rant. So I saw a sale for Fabletics for a $10 outfit. I have tried them once before and didn’t LOVE the pants because I am super picky on workout clothes material but I really really really wanted camo running pants and they were the only place I could find them so I got them. I have a friend who swears by Fabletics and so I was like why not. $10 for a tank and a pair of pants – quite a deal. The pants I have from them are too big currently so I decided go down a size. I ordered a small and you know what? THEY ARE TOO SMALL. HOW IS A SMALL TOO SMALL AND A MEDIUM TOO BIG!?!? Why is there no inbetween size for people who are clearly inbetween sizes?!? UGHHHHH. I guess my new year’s goal is to fit into those pants better by the end of the year (or just stretch them out).

Which brings me to my next topic – New Year’s Resolutions. And I know that everyone is like “you don’t need the new year to start being a better person” but you know what everyone? This year, I do. I need 2017 to be a big restart button – well actually Monday – January 9th – will be my restart button. Because it is my birthday on Monday and 2017 and being 25 are going to kick ass because 2016 and being 24 fucking sucked. Granted everyone I have talked to who is in there low to mid thirties said 25 was the worst birthday for them AND then there was a whole segment on the radio today about how 25 sucks – I am going to say FUCK IT – I AM GOING TO BE AWESOME.


So whatever, 25 is going to be awesome and I am not going to let anyone tell me it isn’t. Also I have my yearly list of New Year’s Resolutions or #newyearnewmegoalzzz.

  1. Be better at saving money (until Nordstrom semi-annual duh)
  2. Not drinking as much – and in as in “as much” I mean less amount of literal alcohol – not less days of drinking (i.e 4 drinks instead of 14 on a saturday night)
  3.  Not being so hard on myself
  4. Stretch and foam roll more (3x/wk)
  5. Read – like a book – not magazines, not just blogs, not just instagram captions – books – and read – not listen

So those are my top goals for the year, nothing crazy. Just some standard take care of yourself and be a better person shit. You know, typical New Year’s resolutions that somehow we will forget exist by March 22nd. But in all seriousness, as not just a New Year’s resolution – not being so hard on myself and realizing that everything will be okay.What the last few weeks/months have made me realize is that as much as I feel like I suck and I suck at life and adulting is hard – EVERYONE FEELS THAT WAY. Not just my friends and people ages 22-26. Everyone. Because life is hard, but it is also great so stop letting dumb things like jobs, money, dumb boys, alcohol, or a muffin top getting in the way of you living your life and doing you. Go out there and kill it!!!! Not just for 2017 and because it is a New Year, but because you deserve it.


So that is my sappy New Year’s resolutions shit. And of course there is always that lose that last 10 lbs. But tell me a girl who isn’t trying to “lose 5 more lbs”. So I am going to keep sharing fun workouts and circuits. What I find motivates me when I am working out is a challenge and then obvi great music and those days when you are looking in the mirror when you are squatting or lifting or whatever and you are like “dayummmm – is that me?!?” – those days motivate me. I had a day like that today at the gym. KILLING IT 2017! (After running into the guy at the gym who drove me home sunday afternoon when I was blackout at the bar by 3pm……) New Year’s resolution #6 – don’t be found in a corner eating chicken wings alone at a bar for a THIRD time….


Motivation – find something you like. If you HATE running – you can find another form of cardio. A good way to get yourself to the gym, is because you like to go. Maybe you love the stairmaster or love zumba. DO THAT! No one said you have to do 100 burpees and do 50 deadlifts and run 3 miles. I am happy because for Christmas my mom got me a class pack to Cyclebar and I will probably use them all up by next week because that is something I love. I love going to a high energy spin class where everyone is just killing it, listening to some gooooood music, and dancing around on that bike. Mixing it up keeps me motivated. Trying new teachers, new classes, new gyms. It keeps me motivated and keeps my brain thinking of new ideas, new workouts, and most importantly NEW MUSIC.

Also – THIS IS MY MOTIVATION…… Srsly…. Growing up I wanted to be a backup dancer for Christina Aguilera – especially when she was going through her Xtina Dirrty phase… ugh -too bad white girl only has rhythm after 11pm and a few drinks… or maybe I don’t? Maybe that is the booze….. damn it…. oh well, I will still shake it….


I was going to post more about this gnocchi making class that my mom and I went to this week, but I have some good workouts I want to share and let’s be real, Leslie deserves her own post. So I will finish it out with some workouts for you to enjoy and another music video. Also if anyone has any songs they are loving right now – please let me know!! I am in need of some new suggestions 🙂


Full Bodyweight Blast – Warmup

10 froggers – 2o mountain climbers (per leg) – 10 side plank rotations (per side) – 4x

Weighted Circuit

designating using weights by (w)

12 reps of each exercise – 4x through circuit – after each time through the circuit complete 25 burpees

squats (w) – bicep curl to overhead press – deadlift to upright row – lateral lunge (w) (12 per leg)  – overhead tricep extension – lunges (w) – pushups – bent over row to bent over fly – sumo squat (w) – glute hip bridge (w)

Full Body Circuit 

20 tuck jumps

10 lunge – lunge – squat jump (that counts as 1 rep)

20 squat to overhead press

10 deadlift to upright row

20 plank renegade rows (10 per arm)

10 burpees

4x through the circuit

Quick and “Painless” Bodyweight

10 burpees – 10 pushups – 20 leg drops – 20 squats – 10x

**** these circuits are not meant to all be done together at the same time….. that would be an overload – just an idea to get you moving and incorporate into your routine – some circuits even can suffice as a full workout on their own – do what works for you!!!!****

So hopefully those circuits have you moving and grooving into the New AWESOME Year of 2017!! There is more where that is coming from but until next time I will be youtubing dance videos!


xx Mira

p.s I swear this is the last one for now

{ Holi-dazeeee }

Ohmygosh – where has the time gone. I think I have been meaning to update the blog for a month now but wow – the holidays will really get you! With having to work extra hours and barely getting any days off (ughhhh – don’t remind me) and then running all these holiday time errands and gatherings and then trying to just stay on top of life and still working out the time has really flown by.

So the holidays have come and gone and I have had a great time but wow am I happy that it is almost time to relax. One more big holiday coming up next week and then the celebrations should subside for a little bit (but more on that big holiday later 😉 ). My friends and I had a wildly successful secret santa exchange and night out. My secret santa was my friend Erin and she gave me a pair of purple and black running pants and a kate spade journal. Literally could have not had more “Mira” presents than those two things. LOVE THEM. And then we all had drinks and dinner at our favorite bar – William’s.  I am convinced we are like the people in Cheers where everyone knows our name at the bar. We have been going there for longer than we would like to admit.


Christmas was pretty chill, which was nice and relaxing for once because for those of you who know me well know I have a hard time relaxing. I need to be go-go-go all the time and sometimes it can be slightly exhausting. Taylor, my mom, and I just hung out at home and skyped my sister and her husband in North Carolina while opening presents and ate some good food. We always have meat pie, which is exactly how it sounds, a literal pie of meat and it is delicious. Then I cleaned my room a bit, worked out, and watched way too many bad Hallmark Channel Christmas movies – wow I love those terrible movies. And of course Ryder hates her Christmas sweater – which says “Dear Santa – The Cats Did It! – Love Dog”. Ewww and then of course I found out she had a UTI because she kept peeing in her sleep so that was a terrible Christmas present – ugh thanks Ryder.


My mom, sister, and I went to a Christmas cookies and cocktails class which was super fun too. We were really skeptical because the other groups cookies were terrible so we just kept to our own and wow they were delicious. We had a gin fizz, some sangria, and bourbon milk for the drinks. The cookies were peanut butter filled salted chocolate cookies, lemon curd cookies, eggnog knots, frangelico whoopie pies, and they were all delicious! I would say the whoopie pies and peanut butter salted chocolate cookies definitely won – but maybe that was just the 4 glass of sangria talking 🙂


It was nice to go to the baking class with my momma, especially because I LOVE baking and especially holiday baking but for some reason this year I just wasn’t in the mood. I stayed away from sweets, definitely didn’t over do it on the cookies or candy at all. I just wasn’t feeling it for some reason – which was good for my waistline. It was easy to stay motivated to work out during December though because I wasn’t weighed down by all the sugar and carbs – but it was just super weird that I wasn’t feeling it. I am never NOT in a cookie mood – but I guess this year I was.


But I am always in a buffalo chicken mood, so I made some buffalo chicken pasta that was amazing. I worked out, then made some buffalo chicken pasta, drank a beer, and watched some New Girl (which is my newest obsession) and enjoyed myself. What kept me motivated during the holidays (besides presents – because let’s be real, I am a brat and love presents), was the idea that that something is better than nothing. So if you have a holiday party to get to but you only have 30 minutes to do a quick circuit at the gym, that 30 minutes is better than 0 minutes. So just keep moving and a little is better than none – for your body, your brain, and your overall wellness.

I have a lot of ideas for the New Year, so another post will be coming at you shortly with an update about my cheesy “New Year, New Me” mentality. Things regarding fitness, health, food, motivation, friendships, relationships, work – everything!

I feel like I am still in a daze from the weekend of craziness and blanked on everything I was going to talk about. This weekend was nuts. On Saturday I dyed my hair – so I’m like a blonde…. it is weird… but cute and I absolutely love it. And then I worked Saturday night at the bar – oh just a typical 3pm-3am shift. LOL. Gotta love New Year’s Eve. And then Sunday we went to a pajama kegs and eggs party at the bar and it was a blast – but today I am definitely feeling the effects of the weekend.

The top picture is titled: New Year, New Me. JK LOL – New Year, Same People, Same Place, Same Shitty Me….. At least I am owning it…. oh well… And then look at how blonde my hair is at the bottom – omgosh – at least as blonde as someone with dark brown hair can get. So tonight I will work on my post for you guys regarding fitness and my new year’s resolutions while watching the season premiere of THE BACHELOR….. WOOOOOT… I am soooo #teamnick and  I don’t care who knows….

So I am off to cuddle with this little peanut and get those circuits and workout motivation pumped out for you cuties to whip it into shape for 2017 – because I have a feeling this year will be the shittttttttt.




Warming UP this Winter

I planned to start writing this post like thirty  minutes ago but  I could not figure out how to work this stupid coffee maker we have at our house. Now that I am sitting here, 8am on a Monday, with a cup of really weird tasting coffee to be honest (I SERIOUSLY NEED A KEURIG – that’s what they are made for right? to be EASY!), watching the my guilty pleasure of the real world, with a candle lit, and cuddling with my little pup pup – AND I have already taught bootcamp this morning – wow this will be a great Monday. Oh and I also signed me and Cece up to try out a new gym this week. We agreed on one date so of course I made an account for her with a password of “ilovemira1” and signed her up for 3 classes. Friends who sweat together stay together right?


So it is winter and every day people are asking me if I am sick! No I am not sick! I just don’t have a voice! I don’t know what happened somewhere between Wednesday and Thursday I lost it. Maybe it was the fact that I talk ALL day at my job, I taught 4 fitness classes last week, worked at 12 hour shift at Cowboy Jacks the weekend before, had a brief life dilemma (also spelling that word is a dilemma – hard) that I clearly never shut up about, and had social commitments up the wazoo. Anyways, I am not sick and I am still trying to kick-ass in the gym because of this holiday season.

Currently it is -11 degrees here. I shit you not. That is not me being dramatic. I went to work on Sunday and it was -17 degrees. Gotta love Minnesota winters. I won’t lie though – I look damn good in a sweater, leggings, boots, scarf, mittens, and cute winter headband. I am a true snowbunny. Maybe it is because I am a winter baby – woooot wooot Birthday is coming up soon! Wait fuck, I am going to be 25 – FUCK FUCK FUCK. And what have I done with my life? UGH. Okay – that topic will be for another day. I have two supa cute mirror pics from work – because why not? Also I just love that fact that the pants, sweater, boots combo has so many options. Especially when you roll out of the bed and the last thing you want to do is change out of your brand new flannel pj romper and into work clothes and brave the cold. But girl you can do it!

Also huge shout out to Alexa for posting the snowflake sweater on instagram and then of course telling me where to get it! And how flawless did those over the knee boots turn out to be? Ugh love them!!! Also show out to Alexa for a book recommendation, in my case, audiobook. I started on Friday and I am saving the last 20 minutes for my drive to work this morning. I should have listened to this book months ago!!! For a non-closeted HUGE fan of the Bachelor/Bachelorette, I don’t know why I didn’t invest sooner in Andi Dorfman’s book “It’s Not Okay“. Andi was a bad ass brunette attorney bombshell bachelorette who chose a hot AF but DOUCHEBAG jock – clearly things didn’t work out. Andi’s book is all about love, relationships, friendships, obviously herself, and then some fun things you learn about the beloved #bachelornation. Honestly though – if I could make a things I am loving list right now this is what it would consist of:

  1. Wine
  2. It’s Not Okay by Andi Dorfman
  3. Drinking wine and listening to It’s Not Okay
  4. Eyeshadow Palettes
  5. Drinking wine, listening to It’s Not Okay, and experimenting with my new eyeshadow palette

You get the point. So for anyone who needs a kick in the ass to get their life moving or get out of that shit relationship or just relate to some fucking real shit – give it a listen. Also being a HUGE fan of the Bachelor and remembering her season to a tee helps.  So while we are all consumed with the holidays, gift giving, treat eating, celebrating love, braving the weather, and having a mental breakdown every 15 minutes, just remember – you’ve got this. You can kick ass – and you might as well have a nice ass while you do it.

To forget that fact that those memes literally represent my thoughts every hour on the hour at the moment – I’ve got a workout for you! Side note – my bootcamp class this Monday was more than double the size it usually was. Either it was my subbing another instructors class and not knowing any one and guilting them into coming to my class, they loved me, New Year resolutioners getting it in early, or they fucking love themselves and that is why they are there – but whatever their reason was, they were this morning and it was great! So in this busy holiday time, don’t forget that you are working out not because you hate yourself, but because you love yourself. You might not love how you look in the mirror, but everyone has imperfections – but you love yourself and you want to feel good inside AND out. So working out hard isn’t punishment, it is a present to yourself.

Cardio + Core Circuit

do each cardio exercise either 20 reps or for 45 seconds on – followed by the core blast – then move to the next cardio exercise and repeat the core blast – etc…

Cardio Exercises: x-jumps, touch down jump squats, froggers, lunge to knee up hops, burpees, and last round is your choice

Core Blast: 10 russian twists, 10 in and outs, 10 leg drops

Quick Full Body Blast

60 seconds on of each exercise, then 45 seconds, 30 seconds, 15 seconds

sprints – wall sit – plank

HIIT it Quick 

50 skaters – 40 alternating lunge jumps – 30 burpees – 20 laydown pushups – 10 v-ups

repeat circuit 1-4x (depending on if it is your main workout or a warmup)

Booty Blast

45 seconds on or 20 reps each exercise – 2x or 4x

squat – curtsy lunge – lateral lunge – sprinter lunge – sumo squat – table top kickback – table top glute stamp – table top curtsy taps


xx Mira

p.s…. in return of giving you some bomb ass circuits to kick your booty – constructive criticism would be great! Whether it is music suggestions, the work outs are hard to understand, more pictures, less pictures, less rambling, more recipes and food – let me know! We are all learning and growing, so new year, new me, new projects, new and improved blog. Unless you want less dog pics – that will just never happen.

Trying to beat a case of the Mondays

With the holiday season in full swing, as I drink my Caribou in a festive snowflake cup, there are so many things that are difficult to avoid during the holidays. Whether it is an extra cocktail (or 5) at the work holiday party or an extra handful of peppermint bark or that Christmas cookie and latte while you are shopping or even just the fact that all of these delicious temptations are EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME now. While I don’t believe in giving up all indulgences, practicing moderation is key. The 80/20 eating style really helps, but you know what really helps? Working out! Who comes away from a great workout and says “Oh I really want to eat McDonald’s and some extra brownies.” No one. Okay well some days – but not usually. So that is what I have for you today – workouts! Especially when you are feeling all the holiday stress or need to detox from all your family time – going to gym to sweat it out is the PERFECT break….. and then maybe you can have an extra molasses cookie 😉

This was my super exciting Friday night – a good sweat sesh at the gym and then some late night cuddles. But Friday I got a good sweat in with some core and strength exercises…. (not the circuits I am sharing today – but definitely a good one)

Here is a good core conditioning and cardio circuit for those days you don’t feel like thinking too hard….


20 reps of each exercise 2x through & start and end with a 60 second plank hold

plank toe taps. twisted in and outs. plank hip dips. russian twists. plank to pike. single leg v-up. plank ups. leg drop to hip ups.

 Cardio – Treadmill Intervals 

Repeat each circuit twice – first time as sprints, second time as hill climbs.

30 secs on. 30 off. 45 on. 45 off. 60 on. 60 off. 45 on. 45 off. 30 on. 30 off.

30 on.30 off. 60 on. 60 off. 30 on. 30 off. 60 on. 60 off.

30 on.30 off. 120 on. 60 off. 30 on. 30 off.

30 on. 30 off. 30 on. 30 off. 45 on. 45 off. 45 on. 45 off. 30 on. 30 off. 30 on. 30 off.

120 on. 120 off. 30 on. 30 off. 120 on. 120 off.


I have a few more circuits to share but the one I had fun with today was a TRX only workout. Sometimes I forget how much I enjoy using those straps – but I like to go in the studio in the basement – ALONE – because I hate people watching me bop around.


my attempt at taking a plank to pike picture #fail

TRX Full Body Circuit

12 reps of each – 3x

reverse lunge with back foot in strap (12 each)

alligator opens

squat to reach up

tricep extension

mountain climbers (12 each) (feet in straps)

hamstring curls (feet in straps)

jump squats

high row to low row (12 each)

lateral lunge to knee up hop (12 each)

skaters (12 each)

chest press

open chest fly

single leg squat (6 each)

plank jack to pike (12 each)

power pull ups


Maybe I should start figuring out how to take pictures of moves because like who knows what a power pull up on a TRX strap is? Is that even google-able ? Cece and I were discussing workout and exercise slang…. Maybe that is something I should work on… Probably… Well I am going to go figure out how to write more understandable shorthand and plan my holiday treats baking plan…


Here is just a prime example of why you shouldn’t ask me for advice on what baked goods to bring to your work party…. LOVE YOU BIG Q!!! But seriously my next few days will be holiday gift and treat planning and work out organization because failing to plan is planning to fail….


xx Mira